Easy Tulle Hair Bow Tutorial

DIY Tulle Hair bow Tutorial

A long time ago I bought a ton of tulle, and even after giving most of it away to my cousin, I still had a lot left over and needed to do something with it. An easy way to get rid of excess tulle is to make some fluffy hair bows with them. This is an [Continue Reading]

Easy DIY Halloween Teacher Gift

Easy DIY Halloween Teacher Gift

Last week my Aunt gave me some Halloween themed fabric, and since then I’ve wanted to do something crafty. Today at Target, I saw all of the supplies (minus the candy) in the dollar section, and I instantly knew what I was going to do. DIY Halloween Teacher Gift You’ll need: Small Jars $1, Target [Continue Reading]

Caring for Elderly Parents


According to the Administration on Aging, there were 39.6 million persons aged 65 or older in 2000. The Administration estimates that there will be approximately 72.1 million, or 19 percent of the population, by the year 2030. It’s no secret that people are living longer, and that those of us in younger generations will be [Continue Reading]

Your chance to get into golf

Golf Ball and Tees on White Background

Golf is one of those sports that people love or hate, but for many of us out there, the reason we dislike golf is because we don’t know and so we don’t understand it. Watch a major competition, though, and it’s likely that you’ll begin to appreciate what golf fans love about the sport. There’s [Continue Reading]

Preparing Your Child for Standardized Tests


Standardized tests play a major role in public school systems across the United States. Although the practice is controversial, your child could conceivably take several standardized tests throughout the school year. Like it or not, standardized tests are here to stay, at least for the time being, and that means your child will need help [Continue Reading]

Hen Do Ideas


Besides the actual wedding, the hen party is the most important element for any prospective bride. It is their last party as an unmarried woman, so they need to go out with a bang. Nowadays, too many hen parties stick to the tried and tested formula of just going out in the nearest major city. [Continue Reading]

How to Tell Good Anger and Bad Anger Apart

good and bad anger

When we talk about people who suffer from temper issues, we often talk about “good anger vs. bad anger.” This, though, is misleading. It’s misleading because it assumes that the emotion itself can be positive or negative. Really, anger is anger no matter how it happens. Adding to this problem are all of the pop [Continue Reading]