Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a superficial holiday, it is entirely possible to get tons of meaning out of it. Forget putting it off until the last minute, and do something meaningful this year. Help your kids make something adorable for their grandparents, teacher, or other parent. Or simply make something for your significant other.

Valentine’s Day is exactly what you make of it, so make it beautiful this year.

Valentine’s Day Crafts you want to make this year

1) Pinwheel Pencil Valentines. There is something special when you put work into a gift. In my opinion, this pinwheel valentine craft from MomDot is exactly that. I love that it is eye-catching, appealing, and really makes you think “WOW, a lot of love was put into this.”

Pinwheel valentine craft
Photo Courtesy of MomDot

2) Love Bomb. Guide your child through making a Love Bomb, and let them surprise their favorite person in the world. Not only is this fun for your little one, it turns out absolutely beautiful and whoever the lucky recipient is will surely fall head over heels.

3) Valentine’s Day Hand Print Art. Imagine how emotional you would get receiving this as a gift. I would stare at it forever if it were me. This is so meaningful, it takes Valentine’s Day to a whole new level. My heart is officially a puddle.

4) Mission: Valentine Love Hunt. Make your love solve this hunt to get their surprise. Make sure it’s a good one! I love this idea, and it is done so well that I just might add this to my Valentine’s Day to-do list for 2015.

5) Valentine’s Day Coupon Book for Kids. There has always been something I’ve loved about these coupon book gifts. In today’s world it is more true than ever that our kids may feel left out at times. We’re all busy, we all work, and life just has this bad habit of getting in the way. This coupon book is a perfect solution for that. Give this to your child, and let them feel the love by calling the shots every now and again.

Photo Courtesy of I Can Teach my Child

6) Valentine’s Hershey Kisses Labels. I’ve always been a fan of these kind of labels. I suppose there is no candy better suited for Valentine’s Day than Hershey Kisses. These are perfect for a classroom party, or just for your special loved ones. The love will be well known.

7) ValenTWINES. Does your significant other, or perhaps your child’s teacher love being crafty? Then a ValenTWINES is exactly the gift you should consider. It’s funny, punny, and absolutely adorable. I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving something as witty as this.

8) You Light Up My Life Valentine Card. I’ve never seen a better use for glow sticks than this. Again, super punny, but the best Valentine’s cards are. I love the modern look to this, and it fits no matter who you’re giving it to.

9) Love Police Badge. “Good afternoon, Miss. Do you happen to know why I stopped you? Looks like you need some lovin’.” I imagine many laughs coming from this adorable Love Police badge. Especially if your kids are the officials of the law.

10) Valentine’s S’mores Bark. This one might not be a craft, per se, but your loved ones will love you so much more after biting into this. Valentine’s Day is not only the day of love, but the day of eating things that taste like love. Sound cheesy? I agree, but it is so true.

Photo Courtesy of Kids Activities Blog

11) Mix CD Valentine. Do you remember the days of mix tapes? There was something so special about that, mostly because it took a lot of effort to make it absolutely perfect. There is absolutely no reason why that sentiment has to die alongside tapes. Get your blank CD’s out and make the best playlist you ever made for your lover.

12) Printable Valentine Bookmark. Is your lovebird an avid reader? They’ll appreciate and cherish a very special bookmark from you. Tailoring your gifts towards something already loved is a sure way to have a happy valentine.

13) My <3 Pops For You. It must be obvious by now that I’m a huge fan of these cute sayings for Valentine’s Day. This is the first time I’ve seen something so adorable and clever it made my actually say “awww.” Plus, if your kid brings this to his class party, he’ll for sure go home as the kid who brought the coolest Valentine.

14) Star Wars Valentine. Pixie Stick Light Sabers? Count me in. Nothing says nerd chic quite like using a Star Wars quote in your valentine. I know my nerdy husband would love this one.

15) Valentine’s I-Spy. This is another one for the kids. They may be feeling anxious or excited for the big day at school when they trade cards with their classmates. Entertain them in the meantime with this printable I-Spy game. It might keep them busy long enough for you to finish filling out all of their Valentine’s Day Cards.

Valentine's Day I-Spy
Photo Courtesy of The Pleasantest Thing

16) Unicorn (farts) Valentine. If you enjoy a little humor in your love life, this is the valentine card for you. Let’s face it, there is nothing more hilarious than farts, and nothing more magical than unicorns. that is a winning combination.

17) Heart Candy Mason Jar. Mason jars are all the rage. It is only fitting to turn one into the tastiest Valentine’s day gift ever. Not only is it an awesome gift, it is fun and easy to make. The recipient will not be disappointed.

18) Valentine’s Day Centerpiece. Are you planning a romantic dinner at home? If so you cannot forget the decorations. Turn your dining room into the most romantic dining space ever created with these adorable table decorations.

19) Stained Glass Hearts. This is yet another craft for the kids that will allow them to not only express their creativity, but make something special for whoever they love. If they don’t have anyone they want to make them for specifically, you can gently suggest they give them to you. Because these are adorable.

20) Valentine’s Day Garland. Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or your entryway, this garland will fit right in. Garland is one of those things that are not only fun to make, but they can represent so much. If you’re a dad that is reading this, this is an excellent activity to help your kids with to surprise mom!

valentine's day garland
Photo courtesy of DIY Inspired

Like I previously said, Valentine’s Day is what you make of it.

It is absolutely worth it to go the extra mile and show your loved ones how special they are, and how much they mean to you.

5 comments on “20 Valentine’s Day Crafts You WANT to Make”

  1. I don’t usually do any decorating for Valentine’s Day. But I think my kids would really love making that paper heart garland. We could dress up the family room a bit with it.

  2. What an amazing list of crafts!!! I personally like the Mason Jar with candy hearts. Love those candy hearts!! And I’m not crafty lol So that one is super easy!

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