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I truly believe that this time that we are living in right now will be looked back upon as a changing point in history. This time’s people will be seen as the ones who changed the game, and who showed the world that it is possible to be both a mom and a successful business owner.

Women now more than ever are taking success into their own hands and creating opportunities that weren’t there before. Women are making it possible through determination and strength. We are finally able to see our own strengths and use them to our advantage.

5 Reasons the Direct Sales Industry is Perfect for Moms

5 Reasons Direct Sales Companies are Perfect for Moms

  1. Moms are masters of time management.
    From making sure kids are awake, dressed, and ready for school in the morning to bussing around a van full of kids to various extracurricular activities–moms know how to make sure things get done without excuses.
  2. Moms aren’t afraid of the word “no.”
    If you haven’t noticed by now, us moms love to throw the “N” word out there for everything! “Mom, can I go to my friend’s house? “NO!” “Mom, can I have an ice cream bar?” “NO!” “Mom, can I shave my head outside in the snow?” “HECK NO!” When somebody happens to tell us no, we already understand that it is just a fact of life. No reason to get discouraged.
  3. Moms are natural problem solvers.
    Have you ever noticed how everybody tends to go to the mom of the group whenever something needs to be solved? This seems to be true in every situation, and especially with our own husband/wife/children. We usually solve the problem not out of obligation, but because the solution comes to us first. Now that’s mom power!
  4. Moms are always looking for ways to improve.
    Since the beginning of time mothers have wanted their children to be better than them. It is in our nature to help our communities by providing easy ways to make life better. When applying this practice to a direct sales business, you get an innovator that makes it to the top.
  5. Moms make excellent team builders.
    I know you have either seen (or have been) a mom who wrangles her wild and crazy children without a second glance. To some, this may seem like an extraordinary magic power, and it can be in direct sales because moms know how to build solid teams that can work together. This is a skill that will take you far.

One of the companies that I believe appreciate the hard work of women everywhere is ANDREA. With over 38 years in this market, ANDREA knows what is expected of a quality shoe brand. They also have over 130 branches across Mexico and The United States.

andrea shoes

By becoming an Estrella Andrea you’ll enjoy the following benefits: ­

  • Additional discounts depending on your purchase volume
  • You’ll have the opportunity to earn bonuses by rewarding your efforts, and the bonuses are like cash which allow you to purchase more products
  • ­ Attractive promotions
  • In addition, as an Estrella Andrea you will have the chance to buy all products at wholesale prices and you’ll receive great benefits depending on your degree of consistency.

ANDREA is one of the diamonds in the rough. They really care about their family of consultants.

Find out how ANDREA shoes can help you kickstart your dreams!

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