Handmade gifts add a personal touch to the occasion making a person who receives the gift feel special and delighted at your effort. There are numerous gift options available for you to choose from on Mother’s day but a handmade gift reflects your own effort and means much more than all the stuff you can buy with money. The fact that you can customize the gift as per the liking of your mother makes it even more precious as it gives you the opportunity to pamper your mother by doing things she appreciates. This way you can show your appreciation for all the things that your mother has done for you and still does. Some web based portals also give you the alternative of choosing from unique handmade gifts that are open to customization. Here are the five handmade gift options that you can consider for your mom this Mother’s day.

1. Bake a cake

Even if you do not bake regularly or have never taken up baking at all, this surely makes for one of the best gift ideas of all time and fits the bill perfectly on all occasions. Make sure you perfect your skills with baking, as you do not want a botched cake-making attempt to put paid to all your attempts at giving a unique Mother’s day gift. Note down your mom’s favorite cake recipes well in advance. Try them beforehand to hone your skills at it. Bake it fresh to mark the occasion. Write something nice on it and present it personally to let her know how much she means to you.

2. A photo album with hand written notes

Even in the digital age, a photo album as a gift still holds relevance. Use pictures from your childhood and all the occasions that have brought joy and happiness to the family. Involve the grandchildren as well. Let handwritten notes with each picture say a heartfelt thanks to your mother for all the things she did to support you and to bring joy and happiness to you on all these occasions.

3. Handmade jewelry

It is possible for you to craft exquisite pieces of jewelry using beads and other raw materials that you can buy online. Give shape to your creativity in the form of a necklace or a bracelet. Some portals sell jewelry that can be customized with names of family members. Scout for suitable stuff.

4. A customized bag

Buy a plain bag in a fabric that can be used as a base for some creativity at your end. Paint something interesting on it and write something for her to cherish forever.

5. Consider handmade gift options available online

Even when you are not creative enough to rustle up something on your own, several online shopping portals give you the option to choose from among homemade candles, soaps, cookies and beauty products. Surprise her with something unique and interesting. Add a personal touch with a handmade card or a personally written note.

Here is your chance to make your mom feel special. Make sure you do give a thorough consideration to all the options you have rather than making a hurried purchase at an online store. You have a number of alternatives available but do give your personal touch to it to make it a unique gift idea that stands out.

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