Even those of us who love our jobs may find it stressful at times. Whether it’s the high demands of the position, a disappointing conversation with the client or the constant thoughts of events going on in our personal lives, we all get stressed out at some point.

While some stress is common and fairly easy to manage, allowing stress to get out of control can lead to serious illnesses, reduced productivity, and diminished working relationships. Essentially, stress can severely damage you if you’re not careful. To prevent it from getting to that point, it is important to recognize when you’re stressed and come up with a solution.

Below are five ways that you can kick your stress to the curb so that you can get back to being the stellar employee (or boss) everyone knows you to be.

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  1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – You might be wondering how eating a well-balanced diet, exercising, and getting a good night’s rest can help you to cope with stress at work better, but it really does work wonders. You see, when the body has the proper nutrients, is well rested, and is in tip top shape, it has the necessary energy to get through a stress-filled day without feeling overwhelmed. If you feel that you have poor eating and exercising habits or are not getting enough sleep, you may want to evaluate some things in your life and begin progressing towards healthier living.
  2. Music, Candles, and Aromatherapy – There are instances in which you can’t change the working environment you’re in. Maybe it’s a hectic time of year and everything is going haywire, or maybe you just happen to work in a stressful industry. That doesn’t mean that you have to let stress overtake your life. Listening to soothing music and lighting a few scented candles can be enough to do the trick. When you feel you’re at your wits end, simply go into your private working space, put on your headphones and light a candle. Taking controlled deep breaths in and out can also help you to keep calm in the midst of the madness going on at your job.
  3. Take a Break – For those who find their jobs to be stressful on the daily basis, taking a break is a great way to refresh and recharge. Whether that means leaving the office for your lunch hour, taking a 15 minute walk outside, or requesting a day or two off for some R&R, it’s certainly worth it when it comes to your overall health. When taking a break, listening to your soothing music and redirecting your thoughts is ideal to keep your mind off the stressful things going on at work.
  4. Ask for Help – It can be quite common for an individual to feel overworked. However, there is always help nearby. When your position at work has you feeling overwhelmed, speak with your immediate supervisor (or your staff if you’re the boss), and ask for help. Maybe you have a big project you’re working on and you’re tight on the deadline. Asking for a few extra hands can take some of the weight off your shoulders. As long as you’re not always asking for help, there shouldn’t be any reason why your needs can’t be accommodated.
  5. Get a Massage -Treat yourself to a massage after a stressful day at work and you’re sure to feel a lot better. Massagetableoutlet.com has a great blog post on how a massaged employee can be a happier employee. Massages help to increase your endorphins which are neurotransmitters in the brain that help you feel good. Getting a deep tissue massage on the monthly basis is not only great for relieving stress, but can help relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and even help you get better sleep at night.

Stress is a normal part of life, unfortunately. Whether you have the ultimate dream job or you feel like you’re overworked and underpaid, the potential for work-related stress is imminent. While you can’t change the occurrence of stress in your life, you can minimize the level of stress you feel by following the above-mentioned advice. Taking care of yourself, utilizing tools such as soothing music and/or candles, taking breaks, asking for help, and treating yourself to a massage on occasion can definitely help to improve your outlook on life in the workplace for sure.

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