Your man may have begun to realize that a fashion sense is an asset—and has turned to you for help. He has come to realize that if he wants to get ahead in life, then looking good is half the battle.

Do you know where to start? Dressing well for a man is easier than you may now think once you understand the basics of how to put a style together.

How do you improve your man’s fashion sense?

The following 7 tips will impress him with your knowledge about men’s styles.

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Dressing Well

  1. Fit is fabulous. Clothes should fit well to look good. Poor fit detracts from looking good. Clothes can be a little too baggy, making your man look frumpy and sloppy or they can be too tight, making your man look as if he is about to bust a stitch. The right fit follows the Goldilocks principle of “not too hot and not too cold”—in his case, in terms of fashion, the rule is “not too tight and not too loose.”
  2. Stay in shape. It’s somewhat incongruent to have great fitting clothes draped around a poor physique. It really doesn’t work if your man looks either emaciated or chubby, because the whole idea of dressing sharply is to accentuate the body, rather than simply try to camouflage it with style. Most people see through the attempt of dressing up to look good to cover up that fact that someone is hopelessly out of shape. A good diet, some aerobics, and a little weight-lifting are enough to transform him within 12 weeks. If he resists this idea of a total body makeover, tell him that if he wants to look good, he should also want to feel good, too.
  3. Shoes should shine. This should not be taken literally, of course, but you get the point: shoes are important. A good pair of shoes ties everything together. Worn out shoes or shoes that don’t match his attire will detract from the overall suave image he is trying to project.
  4. Perception is reality. Okay, this idea has some deep philosophical underpinnings, but we won’t delve into Quantum Mechanics here. So, for the sake of this guide, let’s just say that people have archetypal images running through their subconscious mind. This means that people take you at face value. For instance, if your man is a millionaire, but dresses like a college student, he won’t be treated with much respect. Conversely, if he is a college student, but dresses like a millionaire, he will effortlessly evoke respect without saying a word. So, as far as consensus reality is concerned, “what you see is what you get” is pretty much the rule here.
  5. Keep it simple. Clothing can get overly complex fairly quickly. If your man is going West Coast prep, complete with a surf polo shirt, laguna pants, and driving moccasins, he should not have any retro sunglasses or classic accessories. Stick to one style and stay congruent with it, otherwise complexity throws everything off. Here’s another example: A fisherman’s sweater will clash with formal pants, but works well with cargo pants. If he insists on wearing his silk-and-wool pants, then he needs to be wearing a Harris Tweed blazer. When complexity shows up mismatched styles creep in, and he looks as if he is trying too hard to impress—which, of course, defeats the whole notion of casual elegance.
  6. Plan ahead before shopping. It’s dangerous to go into a clothing store, or even to shop online, unless you have a clear idea of the style you’re going to adopt. Without a clear plan, impulse and built-in bias take over with the wide assortment of choices available. The result is “incongruent wear.” If you have a good meal before you go food shopping, you won’t be tempted by the junk food. Similarly, if you know what you want to buy, you will be less tempted to buy what will not work. Planning ahead when shopping for clothes consists of looking at pictures of clothing selections and then making a list of tops, bottoms, and accessories that work together.
  7. Accessories are important. When it comes to accessories, don’t just think of watches, belts, or bracelets, but think in an even broader way. Think in terms of overall look-and-feel. So when considering accessories, include hairstyle, a smooth shave or an elegant beard, and the same scent in after shave, shampoo, and conditioner. Accessories should be thought of as the finishing touches to perfect attire.

Wrapping it up

The style you choose for your man should suit his body type and his personality. His clothes should become a form of self-expression rather than an attempt to impress the world. Following these 7 tips will ensure that your man feels confident, stays congruent, and looks casual.

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