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I have a complex. I’m not the kind of mom who can pack a school lunch that isn’t thought through. I am the careful planner who would rather pack lunches on the special occasions of the year rather than every day.

I want to change that, though. All throughout Zoey’s kindergarten year, I packed lunches when I had a reason to. When school ended, she expressed her disappointment that she rarely got to bring her lunch. That also meant that she didn’t get to sit with her best friend.

Talk about a heartbreaking moment. It was that conversation that inspired me to make her lunch as much as possible starting next year. First grade is going to be a year of epic lunches for Zoey.

7 Tips to Make School Lunch Easy with LunchBlox


The invention of Rubbermaid LunchBlox has opened my eyes to the seemingly limitless opportunities surrounding school lunches. When I look back on my childhood, I remember all of the limits we had. Food couldn’t be too soft or squishy, or there was a very likely chance that it would be smooshed past the point of being edible. Fruit had a 50/50 chance of being bruised, and there were very few cold things that were safe enough to bring.

rubbermaid lunchblox

It really feels like LunchBlox removed all the red tape and stipulations surrounding school lunches. It is so liberating.

Here are my favorite 7 tips to get the most out of your children’s school lunch by using LunchBlox.

  1. Really get use out of leftovers.
    This has always been frustrating to me. It was nearly impossible to take certain leftovers with me to school. One of my favorites growing up was a simple beans and cornbread, but there was no convenient way to bring it with me without the cornbread getting soggy. Bringing that meal to school would be no problem at all with LunchBlox, with enough room for snacks or dessert.
  2. Cold foods really do stay cold–so use them!
    Nothing feels better than having the freedom to pack cold foods for lunch. When Zoey wants to pack some yogurt or something similar, I no longer fear she is going to open it and discover it has soured. Now I just empty the yogurt into one of the small blox and she is good to go! The Blue Ice pack fits perfectly in between the blox and does its job very well.
  3. Use some, or all blox.
    Sometimes lunch is extremely simple, especially when it is leftovers from dinner meals like Adobo or chicken noodle soup–both of which we eat often. Doesn’t it seem like these lunches that are filled with simplicity are the best kind? With them, we rarely need all of the blox, but it doesn’t matter! There are many days I only use one, and some days I use way more than what comes in the sandwich kit.
  4. Encourage healthy portion sizes.
    My daughter’s school does an excellent job of promoting healthy food choices and correct serving sizes. My daughter looks at eating healthy as a positive thing, and it makes her feel great about herself and the choices she gets to make. I greatly appreciate the fact that Rubbermaid LunchBlox¬†makes it easy and fun to promote healthy portions.
  5. Don’t forget the condiments.
    One thing Zoey has always missed in her school lunches was her condiments. In our home, we eat steamed rice multiple times per week, and she often takes it with her for lunch. It was never possible to send soy sauce, or ketchup, or anything else like that unless we bought individual packets! It was a huge pain. With the small blox, we can put a single serving in with no worries at all.
  6. Create a ‘build your own lunch.’
    The options here are endless. Whether it be a salad or a sub sandwich, we can now pack individual ingredients for our little chefs to compile themselves. Zoey absolutely loves bringing the different components of teriyaki rice bowls and even sandwiches.
  7. Think outside the cafeteria.
    While these will be used most for school lunches, there are so many more places and ways to incorporate LunchBlox. My absolute favorite is on road trips. My kids cannot be entertained for very long in the car by anything except food. I pack up all of my blox for the car with a huge variety for their tummies and my sanity.

I think I am extremely prepared for the 2015-2016 school year. I haven’t told Zoey about all of my plans for next year’s lunch, but I think she is going to be pleasantly surprised.

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