Popping the question can be done as simply or elaborately as you choose. Some like to ask it in a private setting while others love doing a grand proposal. You can surprise your special someone with a variety of different proposal options. The key to pulling off a wonderful proposal is planning all the details. Once you have it planned and you know what you’re doing the rest is just waiting for the answer. Here are a few ideas to use when planning your proposal:

In a Restaurant

One way many have chosen to propose is in a restaurant setting. You can talk with your waiter or the staff before hand so they can be in on it. Some have had their unique diamond engagement rings brought to their table on a dessert platter or an entree tray. Work with your waiter and construct a plan to surprise your special someone with the big question. This is best done before you go in so try to talk with the manager and waiter that will handle your table. Make reservations ahead of time and let them know what you are doing. They are typically more than happy to help you pull that off.

At a Sporting Event

Another idea is to take your special someone to a sporting event. Choose something you both love to watch. A great idea to try would be getting a message on the big screen at a certain time of the sporting event. You could work with the controllers and those at the stadium to have a moment planned during half time or an intercession. Pop up a special message on the screen to your sweetheart and get ready to pop the question. You can get down on one knee as traditionally done or do your own thing. No matter what this is an exciting proposal but it will take some planning on your part.

Something Different with a Flash Mob

One other popular idea recently is by making a music video or doing what is called a flash mob. That is where people spontaneously break out into singing or dancing to a special song. This would be a great idea to work with your friends and family and get them involved in the proposal. Try choosing a song that means something to you as a couple or one that speaks to your heart. Set it up in a place that you will be such as a park or a mall and wait for the fun. You can have your family and friends start the song and you can jump in at any time. This is sure to bring a smile to her face and a surprise too.

These are all great ideas and you can come up with your own. Ideas like proposing on the beach, in the mountains or at a special place to both of you are also great thoughts. Pick something unique to you both and get ready for the new stage in both your lives. Remember it can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose and it’s always exciting to know you are taking the next step.