I’ve written before about every man needing their own custom suit, it is one of those things that make a man. Buying suits off the rack almost always leads to an ill-fit and the need for tailoring. There are many companies out there that offer a custom suit experience, but Arden Reed wants to revolutionize this industry by bringing it to you via The Tailor Truck. Arden Reed has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for The Tailor Truck, but keep reading so you can get the full grasp of how amazing this idea is.

You might be thinking “this isn’t really intriguing…” but The Tailor Truck isn’t going to just hold a salesman with a tape measure, it is going to have some seriously cool technology inside: a 3D Body Scanner. Now, before you start comparing this to the intrusive TSA body scanners, it isn’t like that. This 3D body scanner has been designed with the latest technology to take 16 unique measurements from different points of your body–all with the purpose of creating the best fit possible for your custom suit.

arden reed tailor truck

Why is Arden Reed planning to take The Tailor Truck on the road? Simple: to reach out to more people without raising the prices of their suits. Arden Reeds suits are affordable to every man, and they do not want to raise their prices to thousands of dollars–which is what would happen if they opened a traditional brick and mortar shop. They got creative, and decided to take their product to you…with a tour around the states which takes they from Phoenix to New York. All that is needed is to get the truck built, that is where we come in.

arden reed tailor truck route

The design of the truck is beautiful, and when completed will have a sleek wood interior. The look of this truck is going to shock and amaze its visitors, from beginning to end it will have an amazing transformation. All in hopes to bring it to your doorstep and help the men in our lives see the future of custom suits.

arden reed tailor truck layout

Arden Reed is no stranger to Kickstarter campaigns. Back in 2008 Arden Reed was started in a dorm room after the founder had tried over and over again to get a suit that fit right. He decided to take the plunge and go custom. People started to notice, and after getting requests from friends and family he set up shop with the campus’s on-site tailor. A few years later, after working an investment job, he decided to go back to his custom suit business. He wanted to effortlessly make men look great. A Kickstarter campaign was started, and raised five times the goal. This helped Arden Reed take off, and they are impressive to look at! They create and design new complete outfits every month…do you know any custom suit company that does this on a monthly basis? I don’t.

Take a look at the Arden Reed Kickstarter page, watch their video…you will be just as impressed as I am. Spread the word, share this page on Facebook and all other social media channels you are a part of. This is revolutionary–and spreading the word is a great way to help if you cannot donate money.

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