There is only one thing I dread about this time of year–travel. While we do not travel very far (only a 40 minute car ride) it gets old fast and can be dangerous if you’re not careful. We have three different Christmas celebrations we attend, one in the town we live in and then two 40 minutes away. This time of year is especially hectic and busy for us and it starts around Thanksgiving, keeps going around Zoey’s birthday and then finishes up after Christmas. Each of these events calls for three separate family parties and that is a lot of getting up and going.

This means more than just being annoyed at the travel time and the possibility of dense fog–it means that we have extra opportunity to have our identity compromised. Travelling tends to cause extra stress and when we’re stressed it is just human nature to be forgetful and a little lazy when it comes to protecting ourselves.

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I have some great tips for you on how to stay safe during holiday travel, after you read this you should have no problem at all gaining all of the available entries in the LifeLock for Life sweepstakes–these answer come straight from there!

Phone Passwords

When travelling your cell phone is one of your most valuable possessions  As you know it can be an extremely important lifeline if something wrong happens (knock on wood that it doesn’t!) It is important to password protect your phone, and make sure it isn’t one of the super commonly used ones such as ‘1111’, ‘1234’ and so on. Make it unique and something that only you would know.

ATM Transactions

In public places it is easier than you think to have your pin and bank account information compromised, so be extra alert when you are travelling and keep a close eye on your account statements. Being on top of suspicious activity can help get the situation solved sooner rather than later.

Your Kids Should Memorize What?

I remember this tip from when I was a kid, and it proved useful many times even though it wasn’t an emergency. Have your kids memorize your phone number and home address. This is extremely useful and important if for some reason you get separated from the kids.

Use Your Office Address.

This is a great way to protect sensitive information like your home address. I know many people who would prefer to not use their home address when travelling or receiving packages. As long as you can pick up your packages easily from work, and have somebody there to receive them you’re set!


Make sure to keep a snow safety kit with you if you’re heading somewhere white and lovely. Thankfully we do not have snow here in my part of California. But do your research and have that emergency snow kit just in case.

Travelling With Gifts?

If you’re travelling with gifts, be sure to check them at the airport if you’re flying because they will have to unwrap each one to make sure it isn’t something hazardous. Don’t ruin all of your beautiful wrapping work!

Address Tag Placement

This is one I never thought of before, but put a luggage tag on both the inside and outside of your luggage. Why? Because it can be ripped or torn off the outside  Who knew right? This is an extra security measure that makes a ton of sense to me.

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