How to: Come Up With Unique Blogging Ideas

unique blogging ideas

When I started blogging in 2009, my excitement over having a space of my own to voice my opinion kept me motivated to write. My writing may not have been very good, but I wrote. As time went on I realized it becomes harder and harder to consistently come up with creative and unique blogging [Continue Reading]

10 Things That Never Get Put Away


In my OCD driven nightmare that I call home, there are a million and one things that never seem to stay put away for longer than ten minutes, so we have stopped trying so hard to put them away. After I stopped fighting it, it became second nature to start searching for said item everywhere [Continue Reading]

First Day of Kingergarten

first day of kindergarten

Well folks, today’s the day. The day I have tried so hard to prepare for yet somehow have failed miserably. My eldest child, my firstborn daughter, my sweet, mature, and wise girl has officially started Kindergarten. There is such a flurry of emotions happening in my heart. Every parent who sends their first child off [Continue Reading]

How To Afford A Last Minute Family Vacation

Heraklion at sunset

As parents, we want to provide the world for our children, but this is easier said than done. Hectic schedules, career demands, and life itself seem to get in the way of enjoying time with our families. When it comes to family time, there is no better way to make lasting memories than on family [Continue Reading]