Welcome Fall In Style with Mialisia Jewelry

mialisia jewelry

It is finally my (second) favorite time of year. The cooler weather and beautiful colors of nature inspire so much in me, including dressing myself up. Face it, it is much more difficult to look put together when you have a sweat line on the back of your shirt from a two minute drive to [Continue Reading]

Are You a Bystander?

little nina

This is an opinion piece sponsored by GiveForward. All stories are near and dear to my heart. Bystander (noun) a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part. Are you a bystander? Before I dig deeper into the importance of this I want to share a story with you. [Continue Reading]

Easy Sew Lace Headband Tutorial

easy sew lace headbands

I love sewing. I try all the time to get better at this skill because I love it so much. For the first time, I did something on my own without help. It isn’t a genius invention, but I wanted to share it with all beginner sewing enthusiasts because it is a great introduction to [Continue Reading]

DIY Fold-Over Elastic Headbands

diy fold over elastic headbands

DIY fold-over elastic headbands are so easy, I’ve been doing it for a long time because my daughters have some crazy hair! Really, it just flies everywhere. This is another beginner craft that will provide useful throughout the years. I even make these for myself! There are so many different prints that you’ll probably end up with [Continue Reading]

Easy Tulle Hair Bow Tutorial

DIY Tulle Hair bow Tutorial

A long time ago I bought a ton of tulle, and even after giving most of it away to my cousin, I still had a lot left over and needed to do something with it. An easy way to get rid of excess tulle is to make some fluffy hair bows with them. This is an [Continue Reading]

Easy DIY Halloween Teacher Gift

Easy DIY Halloween Teacher Gift

Last week my Aunt gave me some Halloween themed fabric, and since then I’ve wanted to do something crafty. Today at Target, I saw all of the supplies (minus the candy) in the dollar section, and I instantly knew what I was going to do. DIY Halloween Teacher Gift You’ll need: Small Jars $1, Target [Continue Reading]

Caring for Elderly Parents


According to the Administration on Aging, there were 39.6 million persons aged 65 or older in 2000. The Administration estimates that there will be approximately 72.1 million, or 19 percent of the population, by the year 2030. It’s no secret that people are living longer, and that those of us in younger generations will be [Continue Reading]