Experience Peaches & Healthy Cottage Cheese

Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese

Today’s post is sponsored by Daisy Brand, but my love for their Daisy Cottage Cheese is all my own! Growing up, Cottage Cheese was always one of the snacks I would have at my Grandma’s house. A lot of people find it weird that I love it so much, but I can’t help it. I [Continue Reading]

Gaming brains for brighter moms


Some moms say that having kids has seriously dented their intelligence. Certainly all the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth don’t do anything for you short term powers of concentration, and after that it’s easy to see how a continual stream of laundry, mealtimes and the Tellytubbies can leave you just a little under-stimulated. No wonder [Continue Reading]

Protecting Sensitive Skin the Easy Way

dreft for sensitive skin

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Dreft. All opinions are 100% mine. Zoey and Emma both have suffered from sensitive skin, and it pains me because sometimes I feel like there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Zoey had it the worst. She would break out on [Continue Reading]

Holiday Gift Idea: Diamond Candles

Diamond Candle

Growing up I have very fond memories of my mom almost always burning a candle. This is why Diamond Candles is one of my favorite brands. They make me remember the nostalgia of my childhood with an added bonus of a ring inside. In short, it would make a wonderful gift for any woman in [Continue Reading]

Hand Print Painting With a Two Year Old

hand print painting

Poor Emma gets depressed every morning when we take Zoey to school. They may fight non-stop but my girls are extremely close, and they miss each other like crazy when separated. Today was exceptionally sad on the Emma front. She was moping around talking about “Doey” (she hasn’t quite mastered the ‘z’ sounds yet.) I [Continue Reading]