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It wouldn’t take much digging on this blog alone for you to discover my complaints about the summertime here in California, more specifically: Central California. AKA California’s armpit. No, seriously. We have a great view of the best parts of California and can access any part of the state within a few hours, but there is absolutely nothing to do here, and the summers are horribly hot.

aveeno positively radiant wipes

The heat always takes a toll, but it does more than just that to my skin. Every year around April is when the dry temperament of our valley starts to take hold of my face. During the summer months, I refuse to wear makeup unless the event is at night, and even though I do not wear makeup my skin is still dry and irritated as if I applied concrete strength foundation and did not wash my face for a week.

It is absolute torture, especially because I am constantly applying sunscreen. I have this vampiric habit of avoiding the outdoors until it cools down during the summer months.

Being a Beautiful Imperfection

One thing that I have learned over the last few years is my face needs to be cleaned multiple times per day during the summer months. The constant sweating and harshness of the forever-bright sun has some nasty side effects, so if I’m not constantly ‘touching up’ I’ll be bright red and broken out the next morning.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it remains difficult to wear a full face of makeup during the summer, but I can now confidently sport the basic beauty necessities on a daily basis.

I feel so much better, even though I only wear eyeliner and mascara.

Not having to spend so much time on my face has also made me realize that I am perfectly okay with being a Beautiful Imperfection. Perfection is no longer relevant to my happiness, but whether my face is itchy or not definitely is.

aveeno positively radiant wipes

I have also discovered the best tool for everyone who loves their face: AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES. Remember the touching up I spoke of earlier? It is brought to you by these life savers. I’m to the point that I’m carrying one in my purse at all times as well as a package for the home.

aveeno positively radiant wipes

Escaping reality has never felt (or smelled) so good.


I didn’t realize the effect that dirt and oil had on the skin until recently, and according to the packaging, it can really dull down your skin.

aveeno positively radiant wipes

When I bought these the first time I had an ‘aha!’ moment…my skin turned dull every summer.

AVEENO® makeup removing wipes are made with ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex, which has been found to help improve skin’s radiance.

Traditional Chinese medicine has used soy for thousands of years to reduce the appearance of blotchiness and discoloration. AVEENO® scientists devised a way to process soybeans that retains the integrity of the proteins to provide immediate and long-term skin benefits. Products with our ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex visibly transform dull, uneven skin into brighter, more radiant skin.

So far I have not had to deal with the constant dry patches and flakiness the heat normally causes my skin. I’m at the point I believe people in hot and dry states should have an unlimited supply of such wipes.

Until that dream comes true, stay cool, vibrant, and radiant this summer and let your skin shine!

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