There is a solid fact about blogging that is impossible to fully understand until you’re knee deep in it: blogging is hectic, and it will swallow you whole unless you stay organized and prepared.

I’ve tried many different ways of staying on target and some of them worked, but required extra steps. I’ve kept planners, Google Calendars, but none of it seemed to work for long periods of time because it made me open another tab here, and find my lost pen there just to write down something important.

To get to the point, I always slipped back into my nasty habit of being late on work and procrastinating. If you know me at all, you know I hate that feeling. My personality demands I’m on top of everything I do, and I hadn’t found the best solution until now, which is CoSchedule. Full disclosure, that is my referral link. I don’t use referral links to many things, they have to be things I’m fully supportive of, and I also have a image in my sidebar, which I really never do.

That’s how much CoSchedule has changed the way I blog.

If you’re in a rush, this video will answer a lot of your questions:

How CoSchedule Works:

I learned quickly that the missing ingredient for organizational success was integration. It is completely different with CoSchedule, and they have provided a fully integrated system that you can use via their website, or from the dashboard of your blog. You heard me right, the dashboard of your blog. With a simple plugin upload, you’re ready to give it a try.

CoSchedule might look intimidating at first, especially when you look at an entire month of work all at once, but the features it provides make it one of the best systems to truly stay on top of your work.


This is a look at what my calendar looked like last month, you’ll notice that anything that does not require your attention (completed tasks, previous blog posts, etc.) are not bold and bright, they are actually grayed out and allow you to see what you have done in the past without taking the spotlight away from upcoming work.

The integration of CoSchedule does not only allow you to see the previous and future work on your blog, but allows you to schedule it right from the calendar page.


Once you click the new blog post button on the calendar, you can set the specific day, time, title, categories, author, notes, and more all in one place. This is the screenshot of CoSchedule when I was scheduling this blog post. A feature I have grown to love is setting up social shares from this screen as well.


I never realized how much time sharing a new blog post to each social media profile I have took. Looking back I realize that I slacked in this department quite a bit because I felt I just didn’t have the time. You can set the time and day, as well as standalone social messages to continue promoting your work in the future.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also see the performance of your work.


I love using this feature to see what blog posts really work well with my audience.

CoSchedule Setup

All of the features above are available to you after the easy setup of your account.


Connect your blog and social media profiles and you’re good to go, all of this is easily accessible in the settings area of the CoSchedule Plugin.

It is also easy to invite and manage any team members you have, including guest authors and editors.

You can easily administer what roles and powers each team member has, collaborate with one another, and assign posts all within your blog’s admin area. This makes multiple authors a breeze, all without making each person pay for their own membership.

On top of it all, you can earn a free membership for referring your friends. Each friend with a paid membership earns you a 10% discount.


I’m at the point where I want to tell anyone and everyone about CoSchedule, and if this interests you at all, try it out for free. No credit card information required!

Start your CoSchedule Free Trial now, I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Another cool perk? Coschedule sends their paid customers a notebook if they ask for it!


Thank you @coschedule for the notebook! It's awesome.

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