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Since the day Zoey started kindergarten, she’s been obsessed with doing not only her assigned homework but extra on top of it. Naturally, teachers don’t give a lot of homework, so we’ve had to find creative ways for her to continue learning at home. Her teacher got a kick out of it, though, when Zoey asked for more homework one sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Her mind runs a million miles per minute, we had to keep her preoccupied.

Brainzy Math and Reading Program

One of the ways we’ve been doing this are printing out worksheets, but she finishes them too quickly and we’re back at square one within ten minutes. We tried coloring books, but she didn’t appreciate the zen-vibe and felt she was bored. We tried crafts (and still do a lot of them!) but she blows through them without hesitation and I’m left without any more ideas.

What we needed was an educational tool that would keep her focused and learning for longer periods of time. Thankfully we no longer had to bore our daughter with out of tune songs and games. We turned to the Brainzy Math and Reading Program.

Educational GamesEducational Games

Just give me a moment. I need to thank the Brainzy Math and Reading Program for saving me money on printer ink, paper, and coloring utensils. I love that technology is so advanced, that we can now do so much online to further our children’s education in a fun way.

Brainzy has a wonderful parent dashboard where we can track progress and see what our students have accomplished so far. It also allows me to see how well it compliments her kindergarten curriculum and guide her in a productive way.

educational games

As you can see, Zoey decided to skip reading altogether (to my dismay) and work hard on math. I find it interesting that she is the exact opposite of me when it comes to learning. I was always successful in reading and writing, math took much longer to click. Zoey seems to completely understand her

songs and games

When I asked her about it, she said she got bored with Kindergarten math and moved up to first grade. I love that everything is detailed. If I want more information about what each level contains, it’s there for me.

I know what I need to do in order to help her, or where to encourage her to study a little harder (ahem, reading.)

Songs and Games

From a child’s perspective, Brainzy is one of the most fun educational sites out there.


Each section is brightly colored and welcoming, and the vocal instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Each section contains songs, lessons, and fun games to complete.


Zoey loved the challenge of getting three puzzle pieces (aka, three stars) on each section. She loves competing against herself and doing the absolute best that she can.

It makes me so proud that she loves to challenge herself, and that she strives to fully understand and learn.


I’m so excited to be giving away ten (yes, 10!) year-long memberships to Brainzy!

This giveaway is closed.

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  1. My son is in Prek and loves playing on my computer on like nick so I know he would have a blast with this and be learning

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