Here is California it is almost impossible to make it through the summertime without ice cream. Our days can feel so helplessly hot that eating an icy cold treat feels like our last hope at comfort. Summertime means intense heat beating down on you at all times, and kicking off even the thinnest sheet in the middle of the night because it is still unbearably hot.

So when the sun starts setting, and the rays of heat aren’t beating down on us for the first time of the day, there is nothing better than ice cream, made with Real California Milk.


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Why is Real California Milk Ice Cream So Important?

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I may not have been born in California, but I grew up here. It is my home, and growing up in the Central Valley has helped me appreciate the products we produce right here at home. I may complain about the heat 70% of the year but I am proud of my state and the things it produces for the rest of the world.

It wouldn’t feel like home without passing by the dairies when I visit my parents. A lot of people are shocked by the amount of open space we have here in between the vast farmlands and dairies, in a lot of places buildings are crammed together with limited space in between. Here the open space is our solitude. Farm land and countryside living don’t sound exciting on TV, but it is the absolute best.

Look for the Real California Milk seal.

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I dislike summer for the most part, but the ice cream alone makes it one of the best times of the year. I can do so many things with it, not to mention the endless flavor options, not including the homemade ice cream option, which would make it easy to ensure the use of Real California Milk. I’m inspired all of a sudden!

Some of my favorites are Root Beer Floats (even though I despise rootbeer) and Caramel Pecan Floats when it is only for the adults.

I’m co-hosting the #CAicecream Twitter Party July 28 at 2 p.m. ET and I would love to have you join me! You can RSVP here.

Want to learn more about Real California Milk and California Dairy? Visit, and follow them on their social accounts.

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