Pro Blogging Tip: Don’t Sell Big Ticket “Review” Items as “New In Box” on Facebook

Review product being sold

My good friend and business partner, Jenna, and I always chat every night and just talk about the world and how things are going. Unfortunately tonight's chat was about something that both shocked and disgusted me. An "influential" blogger was selling her $170 portable crib on Facebook "New in Box" just two days after publishing the review on her blog. Wait...WHAT? Don't believe me? I have a handy dandy screenshot. When I saw this, I commented on the photo with her review link asking her … [Read more...]

Forget about WSJ, what about Mommy Blogger to Mommy Blogger cattiness?


Over the past week I've read more about the WSJ and their obvious misunderstanding of what Mom Bloggers do at conferences (and at home, apparently,) than I have read about the mom blogger lifestyle in a very long time. I also read a lot of angry blog posts from the band of bloggers who rightfully came to the defense of our reputation. This was a big deal, and for a moment it made me forget where the true enemy of Mom Blogger's are, right in our own communities. This might sound overdramatic to … [Read more...]

How possible to promote website without Google help

google logo

Google is considered as the biggest referrer of web traffic and hence most of the businesses often rely on this giant search engine to make their sites visible over it. However, Google keeps on updating its algorithm on a frequent basis, which makes the SEO business a constant guessing game. So, instead of relying on Google’s help for your site promotion, you can try a number of other options of marketing. Luckily, you have several important ways to promote your website without seeking the help … [Read more...]

Why Content Matters for Search Engine Optimization


What do you understand by the term “Search Engine Optimization”? Whenever, you write an article, you always think that it will always appear when someone makes a search for the same topic while browsing the web. So here the purpose is to familiarize the content through a process that it will make an appearance easily on the web, when there is a related search for it in related searches. To make the content appear highest times, there is the need of relevant keywords, which are normally based on … [Read more...]

My Personal Experience with Creative Girl Media (Formerly April Showers.)

Nina Says logo drafts creative girl media

Many, many of you have come to my blog and read my post about some bad experiences with the formerly named "April Showers." I've recently been in contact with the owner of Creative Girl Media (April) and decided to put her skills as a business owner and designer to the test by having her design my blog. A little back-story If you're a returning reader, you will notice my design is new, and this is from the time I spend working with April to give my blog an overhaul. In my original post … [Read more...]

What Would Grandma Think? The Importance of Protecting Your Online Reputation

What Would Grandma Think? The Importance of Protecting Your Online Reputation In this digital age, our online reputation is decidedly more important than our real life reputation. While your “in person” reputation might cause more of a stir in your personal life, it will not affect your chances to land a job as quickly as the name you make for yourself online. As a matter of fact, 78 percent of job recruiters admit to checking search engines to find dirt on their potential employees, and 48 … [Read more...]

The Internet is a Mean Place…


I get asked all the time how to start blogging, and what the best way to blog is. One thing that people fail to realize is that if you decide you want to be a blogger, you must be willing to open yourself up to trolls and the big bad Internet bullies that follow people around (figuratively...) just to make their lives miserable. People are mean. If you write something online that someone doesn't like, you've opened yourself up to being talked about and rudely spoken to. As a blogger, or any … [Read more...]

Capturing the King in Social Media by Susan Silver


The Myth of Quality Content What is Quality Content? Everyday we are taught by experts that quality is king. That if we want to be loved by search engines and readers we need to be putting out “quality” content. Quality is probably one of the most ambiguous and subjective terms we can use. It is more important to find an audience that resonates with your writing than to be changing up your style to met someone else’s definition of quality. That is why we need to capture the king. Force a … [Read more...]

Single Dad Fails at Life, and Blogging

Sometimes I hear about something that makes me think "what the hell?!" Most of those times, I tend to keep my mouth shut. Who knows other people and their situations? But when I hear the story of Single Dad Laughing, and how he was practically crying to his readers to help him pay for his hosting charges after he quit his full time job, things got It all started with Dan Pearce, his blog 'Single Dad Laughing' and one randomly viral and successful post called "The Disease Called … [Read more...]

Great ways to network with other bloggers

One of the strongest tools we have as bloggers is the ability to network with our peers. As bloggers, we all know that we are extraordinarily talented when it comes to spreading the word online. But I do not believe we are taking full advantage of the things we can do to grow and become better at what we do. It is one thing to send instant messages and emails, but what about real face-to-face interaction...but from your computer? It is easier than you'd believe. Dig into web conferencing. One … [Read more...]