Coaching for the soul through angel readings

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We all know about life coaching, counseling and other therapies that we can tap into to address life issues and problems, but one thing you may not have considered before is to try angel readings. When you have an angel reading, you speak with an angel reader who acts as an interpreter between our world and the spirit world. With access to the internet, you’ll easily find an angel reader to book a reading with. Angel readers advertise their services on their own sites or on psychic association … [Read more...]

Do March Madness Right This Year


March Madness is an event that only comes around once a year, which is why it is important to enjoy it in the right way! So what exactly is March Madness? It is a tradition that date back to the 20th century in the state of Illinois. When it first originated, March Madness involved various high school basketball teams competing with one another. However, the tradition turned into something that spread like wildfire and in less than three decades, a total of 900 different schools were … [Read more...]

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! We’re Going! See You There…

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!

I'm so excited to announce that my husband and I are going to be taking Zoey to see Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! this Thursday at the William Saroyan Theatre in Fresno, CA. Are you in the Fresno area? You can read more information about the show times/dates here: GET THE SILLIES OUT IN FRESNO, CA! Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! I'm sure you awesome parents have heard about the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Tour, especially if your kids are as obsessed with the show as Zoey is. This tour is all about getting those … [Read more...]

Premio lo Nuestro and Supporting Winners and Nominees!


Did you tune into the Premio lo Nuestro award show that I wrote about? It was an exciting show and I really enjoyed watching it. I’ve always been a huge fan of award shows, no matter what they are for. I think one day I would love to attend, even if I am sitting all the way in the very back and can only see dots on a stage. Even then I would be nervous and anxious…but that would be okay. I would drink a glass of milk before bed, as I’ve mentioned before it can promote a better nights sleep. … [Read more...]

Be sure to tune in for the Premio Lo Nuestro Award Show!

CMPB Duermes Bien Milk

I love award shows! Coming up on February 21st at 7PM EST, the Premio Lo Nuestro Award Show airs and we can all tune in and find out which of our favorites takes home the awards! Did you know what milk has in common with celebrities, awards, and nerves? For one, it can help you sleep! I use this technique when I know I have a big day coming up...I'll drink a glass of milk before bed and it helps relax me. The nominees should take advantage of the easy tip and enjoy milk the night before the … [Read more...]

Poetry at Bowery Poetry Club

Poetry in the City New York City is a great place to visit for your honeymoon, vacation, girls weekend away or just a trip somewhere new. There's a world of variety and culture just waiting to be explored there. You can see plays, shows and experience poetry in the city like you never have before. If you are interested in poetry reading and are heading to New York City, here are a few places you simply must try out on your trip. Nuyorican Poets Cafe The Nuyorican Poets Cafe is a specialty … [Read more...]

The Girls are Going to Vegas!


Ladies love to let their hair down once in a while, and the best way to do it is to throw a strictly all girls bash. Whether it is a bachelorette celebration, a baby shower, or simply a girls’ night in, there is nothing more liberating than locking the men out to celebrate. Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for a ladies’ night. Choose from a variety of party agendas; from in-house spa treatments to smashing party locations, your bash will never go wrong in Sin City. Orchestrating a … [Read more...]

A Truly Surprising Proposal


Popping the question can be done as simply or elaborately as you choose. Some like to ask it in a private setting while others love doing a grand proposal. You can surprise your special someone with a variety of different proposal options. The key to pulling off a wonderful proposal is planning all the details. Once you have it planned and you know what you're doing the rest is just waiting for the answer. Here are a few ideas to use when planning your proposal: In a Restaurant One way many … [Read more...]

Cottonelle ‘Name It!’ Overview & Best Names


A few weeks ago I posted about the Cottonelle 'Name It' contest, and I think we had some great ideas flow through you all as my readers. I'm going to share some of the best submissions from the giveaway, because to be honest some of them were absolutely hilarious! Amy O. suggested the routine be called "Happy Hiney" which made my day when I read it. I could picture this name being a hit with every person who has a sense of humor. Carly suggested the routine be named "Clean Supreme" which … [Read more...]

Fun Social Shopping & Sweepstakes, Win Your Way by ShopYourWay. #WinYourWay


If you haven’t heard of ShopYourWay’s fun social shopping website, I am excited to share it with you today. One of the most exciting parts of the ShopYourWay platform is the built in app called Win Your Way that allows users to win points, jewelry, vacations, clothing, and more! Win Your Way is one of the most exciting ways to socialize and enter to win prizes that put smiles on everyones faces. The thing that I love most about Win Your Way is how simple it is. It took me less than five … [Read more...]