What I Love About Being a Dance Mom

I love being a dance mom

If you watch TV, dance moms are crazy loudmouths who will do anything to get their child ahead...even at the expense of their "friends" children. As with most television shows this is not the reality of a normal day-to-day dance mom, and while I enjoy the TV show's drama as much as the next person (and I do record it...) the actual experience I have in the world of dance mom's is entirely different, if not opposite to what is portrayed within the mass-media, cutthroat, overly-competitive … [Read more...]

I’m a Writer

I'm a writer

The realization that I am meant to be a writer did not hit me instantaneously. I didn't even think it was a possibility after years of blogging, which makes absolutely no sense at all. The crazy part is I do not expect anything phenomenal to happen in regard to my passion for writing. I am in no way perfect. I am in no way a writing genius. I am in no way the next New York Times Bestselling Author. But I do genuinely and wholeheartedly have a growing passion for writing. I believe that my … [Read more...]

20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

20 things about nina say

I am a blogger, I am a mother of two girls, I am a college student focusing on Internet Marketing. You probably knew all of that. There are quite a few things you most likely would never guess about me. So as an attempt to step outside of my shell and become a more personable and relatable blogger, I'm going to share some things about me that you can't learn from reading my 'About' page. 1) I hate my teeth. I've always had horrible teeth, but not because they are crooked or something along … [Read more...]

The Mazda3 Has Stolen My Heart #DriveSTI


I'm sure if you already own your dream car this next statement will make complete sense: The Mazda3 is my baby. Well, it was...for a week for my anniversary last month. I don't think I've ever enjoyed driving a car so much in my entire life. Ever. There have been previous cars I've liked but none that have completely stolen my heart like the Mazda3 did. Can we just take a little moment of silence in remembrance of my time with this red beauty? Ah, now I feel better. The first day this car … [Read more...]

What Blogging Has Done For Me:

I started my blog in September of 2009, and if you would have asked me back then what I would be doing today my guess would have been completely off the mark. The truth is what has happened to me is a million times better than I ever could have hoped for... It helped me find my passion. Life is funny sometimes, how one random event can trigger a chain reaction that leads you to something great. For me, that something great is Internet Marketing and my business Blog Friendly PR. I love working … [Read more...]

My Week With the 2013 Kia Soul, It Was Hard to Say Goodbye

2013 kia soul

I had a week of fun, I got to drive a hot little 2013 Kia Soul around and test it out. We were unsure about this type of car, but after the week was up it was hard to say goodbye. Who would have thought? We have two kids, we require lots of space--but we surprisingly all fit comfortably enough to take a trip up to the lake, more on that later. This isn't a huge talking point so I'll get it out quickly: I never saw myself driving a red car but I've officially changed my mind. I think I'd look … [Read more...]

One of the Best Moments of my Blogging Career Yet…on Date Night

Gabriel Iglesias on Tour

As a blogger I'm used to tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and the like. I was excited because my husband and I were finally getting a night out. You know, that thing married people with kids never get...date night. We were going to see Gabriel Iglesias. You know, Fluffy! In my excitement I tweeted about how excited I was to see the show, and tagged him...like always. So excited to be seeing @fluffyguy tonight! After the week I've had I need to relax and laugh. #datenight — Nina Say … [Read more...]

My Sassy Spring Diet Pepsi Love List! #loveeverysip

Diet pepsi Sassy Spring Love List.jpg

Do you guys remember my first Diet Pepsi Love List? I had so much fun with it, that I had to do it again! The first time around I highlighted what the average day in my household looks like--but this Love List will show you a little more about me and my personal style! I hope you enjoy! Need a breakdown? I sure would, that is quite a list lol! My new couches!!! I've been waiting a looooong time to get new couches, and now that I finally have I've started redecorating my home. I've been … [Read more...]

When I Disappoint Myself

About a year ago I was pumped and excited about an opportunity that I was going to dive head-first into. Yes, it was one of those direct sales-y  type opportunities but I was not going to be a pushy person because I didn't need to be; they didn't require any minimum sales--I would be happy doing it just for myself. So that is what I ended up doing: buying from myself and taking advantage of the discount I received. It was all I did for the last year, I failed at my miserable attempts at … [Read more...]

I had to get a new Facebook page! Will you join me?


Do you guys remember back when my blog was called The One Fantastical? I do to, and I hated it. This is why I rebranded to Nina Says. Unfortunately Facebook has refused to let me rename my Facebook page. My request was "permanently declined"...jerks. They are way too wishy washy with their rules and regulations, some people are able to rename their pages just fine! I guess I'm just not that lucky. I'm a little nervous doing his, because I'm leaving behind 1,500+ fans, but I want a united front … [Read more...]