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I’m Tired of Sweaty Feet. Summer is Rough.

My husband always makes fun of me for this, but I refuse to wear anything but sandals in the summer. Because of this I will only wear flip flops, sandals, or maybe flats if it isn't over 90 degrees (which rarely happens in the summer here.) This doesn't work out for me when certain situations require shoes that protect my feet more. I just hate my feet being sweaty. It grosses me out...anyone else? Bueller? Bueller? Enter geox shoes, breathable happiness for my feet. Now, I've come to accept … [Read more...]

Does Your Husband Get Bored of His Games? Sell Them!

sell games

My husband loves his games. I don't blame him--I'm the same way with my things like makeup. But the thing about the games is he normally gets bored really fast, then the games just sit there and never get played (even though he goes to midnight launches and whatnot.) I am always telling him..."HEY! GO! Sell Games!" but he never does. When my husband gets pleasure from video games, I have absolutely no problem...but when they just sit there I start having an issue. Why not get the money back? … [Read more...]

Arden Reed Brings The Tailor Truck to You for a Brand New Custom Suit Experience!

arden reed tailor truck

I've written before about every man needing their own custom suit, it is one of those things that make a man. Buying suits off the rack almost always leads to an ill-fit and the need for tailoring. There are many companies out there that offer a custom suit experience, but Arden Reed wants to revolutionize this industry by bringing it to you via The Tailor Truck. Arden Reed has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for The Tailor Truck, but keep reading so you can get the full grasp of how … [Read more...]

What You Should Know Before Purchasing An Online Gift Card

Online Gift Card

Easter approacheth, and with it the obligation to contribute to the expansion of your family’s collective waistline. Certain people get rather cantankerous at the premature onset of Easter related merchandise. Not I. The fluffy bunnies are on the mantelpiece, the garden is being combed over for relics of fossilised dog pooh that may inhibit the childrens enjoyment of the Easter Egg Hunt, and Xanax is at hand for the inevitable satanic activity that follows when you administer a large dose of … [Read more...]

Shopping From Head to Toe

Do you love to shop? Do you enjoy saving money? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you know why people watch ads for special deals or jump at the chance to buy one get one or respond to any of the thousands of ads we see daily, from billboards to mailers. If you want to save money you have to do your homework. There are shopping channels and experts in every field telling you what to buy and why it’s the best. Most of the time too much information to sift through before … [Read more...]

Finding the Perfect Dress

Some dates are more special than others, and it is important to feel at your best. What better way to feel your best than to buy a new dress that makes you feel great? The problem with choosing a dress for a special date can be harder than you think. With all of the different styles and colors, it can quickly become a daunting task if you are not prepared for it. Methods of Finding the Perfect Dress                                                                                You have many … [Read more...]

Celebrating Reyes Magos With #Net10Latino


One of our favorite times of the year is Reyes Magos, the atmosphere is full of joy and the buzz from Christmas is finally winding down. We really enjoy just staying home and spending time with family. It is one of the times when we have the most time available together so we take full advantage of it. It is a very personal tradition, but this year we brought Net10 Wireless into the picture. If you remember my first Net10 post, I received two awesome phones and got to experience a family talk … [Read more...]

Communion in Style

Recieving Communion #2

There have been so many kids born in our family over the last year. I may be the only one thinking about this, but I adore seeing what the kids wear during special events like communion. The kids fashion scene behind communion is rich and beautiful, and I think Noori Communion Dresses really showcase what communion is supposed to represent. I love nothing more than seeing girls look like the princesses they are in the beautiful communion dresses. It seems so simple to go buy a communion dress … [Read more...]

Weddings Meet Indochino, Your Soul Mate!

Nina Says Indochino

Weddings have the potential to be one of the most stressful events in a persons life. The coordination required to make everything perfect is a heavy burden, especially when you are the groom and want to make your fiancée happy by delivering the wedding of her dreams. Yes, that sounds very stereotypical but I guarantee you every man does everything in his power to make sure his wife-to-be is happy. This usually leaves the groom with only one very important decision to make...what the men are … [Read more...]

Make Your Newborn Comfy With Some New Outfits

baby clothes

Buying clothes for your infant is both fun and practical. You have to make sure that the outfits are comfortable and keep your child warm. But you can also have some with fashion trends that are out there as well. J Crew offers a cashmere collection for infants including their various sweaters with hearts, stripes, and polka dots. They also have colorful cashmere leggings that will keep your little one warm. It will cost you though with the sweaters running around $125 and the leggings for $98. … [Read more...]

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