Nutrisystem Week 35 Progress and Weigh In


Here it is: my final Nutrisystem update. It is bittersweet in the most emotional way ever. This has been such a great experience, and I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who helped motivate me and who helped me get to where I am today. I had so many small milestones and goals I made for myself, and I surprisingly made 99% of them. Getting into a healthy BMI was one of them, and when I finally hit that I was ecstatic. One of the things I’ve learned is setting these small goals help keep me … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 34 Progress and Weigh In


I’m in my final two weeks of Nutrisystem, and I’m getting close to my goal of reaching 150! I hope I can do it…but it seems like a reach. I guess we will see!It has taken me a while to get back into a “no excuses” mode when it comes to my food. We have had some busy times over the last couple weeks and I am proud to say I didn’t eat too bad. I’ve been making sure I watch what I eat and go auto-calorie-counting when I’ve forgotten my Nutrisystem meals.I’ve been doing whatever I can to make sure I … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 33 Progress and Weigh In


I can see the light at the end of my Nutrisystem journey tunnel, only two weeks after this. I’m getting more and more emotional--but I’ll be ok! All I can do is take advantage of the time I have left because I’ll be out there on my own soon enough.It has been getting warmer and I’ve been taking the kids outside more to play and I’ve noticed such a huge difference in how I feel outdoors when it is warmer (or should I say HOT AS HECK!) I am able to stay active for longer and it has to be because … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 32 Progress and Weigh In


As my journey with Nutrisystem nears the end, I’m having a great time reflecting and looking back! I’ve already decided how I’m going to continue my weight loss journey after this great experience has ended…but you’ll have to wait for June to find out what that is!For now, I’m continuing to try my best and stay motivated to lose a few more pounds by the end…it is still going extremely slow but I don’t mind. This far in my journey I’m not expecting -5lb losses in a week!I’ve become so used to … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 31 Progress and Weigh In


Holy cow, I’m approaching 40 pounds lost FAST. Looking back I cannot believe I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 31 weeks, that is the longest amount of time I’ve committed to any diet. It feels like I’m hitting small goals all the time, even though I didn’t realize I had them. The past few weeks the weather has been warming up here, and I hate the heat…I have noticed one small detail about it though: it makes me not hungry for bad foods. The head makes anything that is heavy or greasy sound horrific, … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 30 Progress and Weigh In


It really feels good to be in the 150’s for good. It has taken a while but I think three solid weeks of not going back into the 160’s is one of those small milestones that keep me trucking along and staying on the right track. My journey so far on Nutrisystem has been one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. I am so close to reaching my first goal I can taste it… 14 pounds to go until I reach my goal of 145 pounds. I keep saying it over and over again… fourteen pounds. That is not a lot … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 29 Progress and Weigh In


This past week I have tested myself, how can I stay healthy when we have lots of birthdays? Nutrisystem has helped me learn how to stop eating when I’m full and make better choices when I’m out without a meal. This week held two birthdays, my husbands and the next day my mother in laws. This meant we weren’t at home either day and both days I forgot to pack meals among the rush. Whoever can pack up two kids and not forget a single thing will officially be my new hero…how do you do it? If I … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 28 Progress and Weigh In


I finally made it into the 150’s!!! I am so excited, I’m so sad that my journey on Nutrisystem is almost to an end. It is started to happen slower and slower, though, so I have to start working harder. The closer I get to my goal weight the happier I get, so I cannot complain even though I only lost 0.1 of a pound this week. Progress is progress! I have been thinking a lot about the future, and one thing I want to do is start a veggie garden. I know that there are a lot of things I need to … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 27 Progress and Weigh In


Nutrisystem is keeping me on track, even though it is slow going right now. I only have 15 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight of 145. When I sit and really think about it, that is not a lot. If I work out and lose 3 pounds per week I’ll be at my goal weight in 5 weeks. I know that it might not happen that way, look at this last week: I only lost 0.6 of a pound. I’m not going to give up though! I need to look ahead and make sure I stay strong so I hit my goal sooner rather than later. 7 … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 26 Progress and Weigh In


Happy Dance! Man, I am so happy to be making some great progress again! I’ve hit 160 pounds! Can you believe it? That means another progress picture! I’m loving the consistency the Nutrisystem program provides for me.There is something I have learned: to successfully lose weight you have to have fun with it. I know weight loss has this negative stigma attached to it but if you look at the ways your body is changing and the way you start to feel better it truly becomes something fun. We all want … [Read more...]