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My life is a constant struggle to find places that are fun enough for us adults (basically, have steak or a healthy variety of sandwiches/burgers) and have a kid’s menu that my always hungry, yet forever indecisive children love. To say the environment has to be family friendly is an understatement. Every time I visit Denny’s with my kids it feels more comfortable than just a family friendly setting.

They do better than that.

Kids Eat Free at Denny’s Diners

One thing I have always felt was a gesture of good faith is the Kids Eat Free day at Denny’s.

Kids Eat Free brings me back to the days of my childhood, where that seemed like a much more common thing. Communities used to embrace children, and Denny’s still does.


How and when do kids eat free? Tuesdays from 4:00 PM-10:00 PM at participating locations, visiting guests can receive a free kids meal for one child aged 10 and under alongside the purchase of each adult entree purchase of $2.50 or more.

To me that says, “Hey parents, we know your day was probably long and tiring, let us take care of the kids for the duration of your meal.” When I feel that relief, it brings the warm and happy feelings to life. With all that positivity brings wonderful memories filled with great food.

Remember how I said Denny’s is more comfortable than family friendly? This is a big reason why.

They know, understand, and embrace family. There is nothing better than that.

And for our little ones who could care less about how we feel, Denny’s great lineup of kid menus are sure to keep them entertained.

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