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Diamond Candles Review and #Giveaway

I’ve been seeing buzz about Diamond Candles all over the place lately. I ended up folding and just had to try one for myself, so I got in contact with them and now I have this review and giveaway for you guys!

If you haven’t heard of Diamond Candles, they are a candle company that puts a ring in every single candle. The rings are valued at either $10, $100, $500, $1000, or $5000. It is very addicting, because not only do you get a delicious candle, you have the chance of getting a $5000 ring!

Check out this video, it has a lot of great information:

One thing I think people forget about when reviewing Diamond Candles is the candle itself, I mean the candle is $24.95 for 21 ounces that is a great price for that many ounces! They also burn up to 124 hours, which is pretty good! They are also soy candles with lead free wicks, when I do burn candles I do prefer them to be soy and lead free.

Diamond Candles offers many amazing scents, but this time around I chose the Gingerbread Latte candle. I got it in the mail, and lit it right away. I was blown away by how well the scent was thrown throughout my living room/kitchen/dining room area. The Gingerbread Latte is absolutely delectable too! I love the end of summer because I can officially start making my house smell toasty and warm, I love fall/winter smells!

Now, back to the ring! In every candle there is a gold sticker/marker that lets you know where exactly your ring is hiding. You have to let your candle burn down until you see the gold foil packet sticking out far enough to grab the ring. It is recommended to get the ring out with something other than your hands, like tweezers or pliers.

There is my sticker! It took probably 18 hours or so until I was able to get my ring out. Let me tell you, the waiting is so difficult! So if you are a patient person these candles are definitely for you.

Want to see the ring I got? It wasn’t a real one, but I adore rings and all fashion jewelry.

Pretty, right?

I was worried about getting a ring that didn’t fit. I have a size 8/9 finger and I’ve always had issues getting rings that fit properly. I was thrilled that I could fit this comfortably on every finger except my pinky.

Want to know more about the Diamond Candles culture? Check out their Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages.


  • One reader will receive their very own Diamond Candle!
  • US Only

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Good luck to all entrants!

And a huge thank you to Diamond Candles for having such a fun and addictive product that smells great.

  1. Chrissy Nestor
  2. LaTanya
  3. Mica
    • Mica
  4. sherri wellman
  5. corrie c
  6. Kelly R.
  7. Chrystal D
  8. clenna
  9. Amanda K.
  10. Peggy Rydzewski
  12. Emily N
  13. Ann Fantom
  14. Soka Spirit
  15. Candie L
  16. AMBER P
  17. courteney lacey
  18. kelly g
  19. Rae Higgins
  20. Debra L. Guillen
  21. Cody
  22. tracy davis
  23. Mary Casper
  24. elven johnson
  25. Margaret Smith
  26. Katherine Persons
  27. stony
  28. Jammie
  29. Anastasia
  30. Amy D
  31. Christine
  32. Jennifer B.
  33. carol bondell
  34. Valerie
  35. Kerri Malary
  36. Ericka
  37. Liz Terek
  38. Stacy M.
  39. Sumer
  40. Mary Calabrese
  41. Lauren
  42. LAMusing
  43. Norma
  44. Claire
  45. susan varney
  46. jessica edwards
  47. dario
  48. marci h
  49. Ashley Morrissey
  50. tess
  51. Steph
  52. Lora
  53. Elisabeth Benjamin
  54. joni
  55. kimbuckjr
  56. Mary Hay
  57. Wendy
  58. Tia
  59. Kimberly B.
  60. Traci Lynn Butler
  61. Jennifer Hedden
  62. Teresa Young
  63. tamar
  64. dani marie
  65. Marianna
  66. Jeni Lutz
  67. Cheryl Reinhardt
  68. Kati
  69. Heather Garcia
  70. Theresa D
  71. Suzanne
  72. Sandy V.
  73. ryan minton
  74. Daniel M
  75. Lucy Schwartz
  76. Valeen N
  77. Karen
  78. Chrystal J.
  79. Amy Myers
  80. Nicole C.
  81. Jimmy
  82. Valerie Taylor Mabrey
  83. Jennifer J
  84. Hoa Le
  85. Joy F
  86. Jennifer
  87. Tim Stephens
  88. Kim Smith
  89. Erica C.
  90. Brittney House
  91. Kendra Warstler
  92. Carolyn Daley
  93. christina barnes
  94. Shannon
  95. Kamilah K
  96. tracey byram
  97. Inez Cegelis
  98. R. Davisson
  99. tamatha hunter
  100. Diana C
  101. Kat Emerick
  102. Jackie Bennett
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  104. Derek Timm
  105. Lisa
  106. Pauline M
  107. Saver Sara
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