Nearly all women dream of their wedding day. Some even start planning their special day from a very young age. However, before a wedding takes place, the custom has been to present an engagement ring and ask for the lady’s hand in marriage. For centuries, the tradition has been to present a ring with a diamond in it. After she’s said yes, two major tasks come into play: planning the wedding of her dreams, and finding the perfect wedding set to compliment her unique engagement ring.

Understanding a bit about the history, symbology, and how to choose a perfect diamond can yield massive benefit during the search for both a unique engagement ring and a stunning wedding band as well.

History of The Diamond Engagement Ring

The American Gem Society fully explains the history of the engagement ring, specifically as it pertains to using a diamond in the setting. Anthropologists suggest that this has been a common practice dating back to Roman times. A husband usually gave his wife rings to wear to indicate the husband’s accountability to the wife and to indicate her loyalty to him.

The first recorded event where a diamond was used in an engagement ring setting was in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned a diamond ring for Mary of Burgundy, to whom he was betrothed. Throughout history, the meaning and symbology has changed as has the design. In Victorian times, it was common for men to propose using a unique and ornate engagement ring in which diamonds and semi-precious stones and metals were used in the creation of the ring.

By 1947, De Beers had coined the term, “A Diamond is Forever”, and the idea that a diamond signified an eternal commitment. This made the growing demand for a diamond engagement ring and wedding band synonymous with the idea of “forever”.

Symbology of The Diamond

Aside from being the birthstone associated to those lucky enough to be born in April, the diamond is also typically given on the 60th wedding anniversary. For centuries, the diamond has held meaning as a symbol of love, purity, and commitment, but it hasn’t always signified romance. It also stands for power, beauty, and wealth.

The former is primarily associated to the history of the diamond, and the latter is due to the monetary value placed on the stone. Greeks once said that diamonds came from the tears of the gods and the Romans considered them to be made of fallen stars. Despite the stone coming in a variety of cuts, the shape traditionally associated to the diamond has other special associations. For example, Tibetan Buddhists consider the Diamond Sutra to be one of the most sacred of all texts.

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

Picking a perfect diamond is no small task. Certain factors will increase the price and value of the diamond. The primary determining factors taken into consideration when determining the value of a diamond are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Previously, crystal white diamonds were once in high demand, but colored diamonds are gaining in significance.

Clarity is another big factor, especially since the more brilliant the stone, the more valuable it tends to be. The cut of a diamond can affect the diamond’s ability to reflect light, so various cuts are valued over others when it comes to this assessment antecedent.

Finally, the size, or carat weight, of the diamond will give an indication of price. Obviously, stones that rank high in all four categories would have a higher value than those with lower scores. Check out technical valuation specs for diamonds by visiting the Gemological Institute of America.

Doting and loving husbands-to-be will want to take their time and find a perfect and unique diamond engagement ring for their special someone. Many women believe that their engagement ring says a lot about who they are.

Others believe that it definitely signifies the level of commitment that they have with their partner. Not only that, the emerging trend is for wedding sets, which is a wedding band that compliments the engagement ring so that the two can be worn together. If you’re interested in a variety of new trends emerging in the field, you may want to look into some of the unique engagement rings from It is important to take all these factors into consideration when picking the right ring as this is the ring that will symbolize your commitment to one another for the rest of your lives together.

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