I have been tall my entire life.

Starting from when I was very young I was usually the tallest person in school. As I got older I refused to wear heels to school dances and the like because I hated being a foot above all my friends and an inch or two taller than almost every guy there.

I have since gotten over my fear of heels, but there are still some areas of my life that being tall has some serious disadvantages.

Disadvantages to being tall

Your head gets cut off in a lot of photos. I have a lot of friends that are at least a foot shorter than me. I’m even taller than my mom. I tend to do the “squat and pose” which is NOT very attractive when it is a full-body shot.

Disadvantages to being tall

I often get looks that convey a very easy to read message: “What the heck were you doing??” On top of that, I am almost always put in the back of photos. This actually works to my advantage when I have to kneel down.

Sitting in theaters is always uncomfortable. I just saw a movie last night and both of my legs were asleep half-way through the movie.

What’s even worse than movie theaters is actual theaters, like the one my daughter performs at every year for her dance recital. My knees are always right up against the seat in front of my and there is literally no wiggle room.

It is a nightmare when people say “excuse me” and scoot past me to get to their seat.

Showering anywhere is a chore. I love my shower time. It is some of the only me time I get away from the chaos that is my day to day life.

The biggest issue I have come across, especially in hotel room and every apartment I’ve ever rented (including my current one) is that the shower heads literally go to my shoulder. They have very little room and don’t move so once again I’m kneeling down in the most uncomfortable position just to wash my hair.

It is no fun. To add insult to injury the bathroom faucets in my home are the perfect height for my five year old, so when I wash my hands I’m hunched over like mad.

This is not a tall persons world.

I look back at all the times people have said “I wish I was tall! I can’t reach things…” and I know now that I would gladly trade in my aching back for a step stool.

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  1. Had such a chuckle reading this post. I am on the other end of the spectrum. Have to use chairs or step stools to reach into the cupboard. I am only 4.10 in shoes and the world is not built for shorties either!

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