This post is part of the SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS ™ blogger program by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. and The Motherhood, who sent me products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Splenda has been a staple product in my household for years; I have always felt better about my little indulgences when swapping sugar for Splenda products.

Splenda 365 Sweet Swaps

The beauty of Splenda products is they can be swapped for almost any reason, I’ll share a few of my favorite day-to-day swaps in just a moment, but for now I’d like anyone who is reading this to think of your own Splenda swaps that make life more enjoyable.

Splenda is doing something amazing and educational this year with its 365 Sweet Swaps campaign. They are spreading the joy of no calorie sweetener by sharing 365 ways to swap Splenda products for sugar. Visit 365 Sweet Swaps for more information, recipes, tips, and most importantly: countless ways to save calories.

Now, on to my Sweet Swap personal tips!

One of the biggest ways we consume too much sugar as a society is in our beverages. How many of you enjoy multiple cups of coffee in the morning? What about sweet tea as a refreshing beverage in the summer time? I know I do. It is a staple I refuse to live without. A great swap I’ve made for years has been drinking my coffee with Splenda instead of sugar. I like the taste so much I don’t use any type of cream when I’m really trying to watch what I eat. In the summertime when sweet tea is something I’m constantly craving I swap sugar for Splenda. The beauty of Splenda is it doesn’t leave the filmy and heavy feeling in my mouth after drinking glass after glass of tea. All I have is a sense of cool refreshment. Another perk is I never use as much Splenda as I would sugar, about half actually.

Growing up my family always enjoyed Cream of Wheat and Oatmeal as breakfast staples, including tons of sugar and brown sugar to transform the basic bland flavor into something delightful. I love to do the same thing for my children, but instead of mounds of traditional sugar/brown sugar I always use the regular granulated Splenda, and the Splenda brown sugar blend. The taste is phenomenal and like my family, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at all.

Splenda products are just that good…and there is a product for everyone.

I will be participating in a Twitter party tomorrow (information below) and I hope you’ll join me as we discuss the importance of cutting out the added sugar in our lives. Did you know experts suggest we only consume 6 teaspoons of added sugar every day, but the average American actually consumes 22 teaspoons? Join us in continuing the discussion towards a healthier and happier lifestyle:

  • When: Tuesday, March 4 at noon ET/11 a.m. CT/9 a.m. PT
  • Twtvite:
  • Hashtag: #SweetSwaps
  • Prizes: Prizes will be randomly awarded to five participants who answer the trivia questions correctly. Each prize includes a $50 Visa Gift Card and an assortment of SPLENDA® Sweetener Products! Prizes limited to U.S. participants only.
  • Hosts: @TheMotherhood, @TheMotherhood25, @CooperMunroe and @EmilyMcKhann

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