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One of the things I find it difficult to do is preserve memories. Zoey and Emma are always coming up with hilarious stunts, writing beautiful notes and letters, coloring spectacular photos, and making me the world’s proudest mom.

Unfortunately for me all of these things are lacking one very important feature: the ability to last through the years.

As much as I love these crafts and gifts I receive, they hardly make it through the week. I could not imagine trying to make them last through the years, so I could look back on them and remember the joy behind them.

I have to help them make things that will last. Things that we will all enjoy reminiscing about in the distant future.

DIY Bedroom Door Initials

My daughters chose to share a bedroom earlier this year, and since then have retired their old door initials that Grandma got them last year.

One thing they haven’t done is forget how much they loved having their bedroom door announce to the world that it is their room. Only their room.

No adults allowed and all that jazz.

Your babies (and children) all experience your love in different ways. The special moments between parents and children make every day worth remembering. My favorite way of doing this with my kids is through crafts and DIY projects.

What you’ll need for this activity:

Door initial DIY

  • Wooden initials (and an ampersand if you have two kids in one room)
  • Paint in your kid’s favorite color
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plates
  • Glitter (optional, but so much fun)

Door initial DIY

The paper plates make this DIY project extremely kid friendly, and almost any age can participate.

Emma is 2.5 and had so much fun with this.

First thing, paint your letters. For the kids this is one of the most fun things.

Door initial DIY

Be sure to get the sides painted as well.

For the older kids, you can let them create a dual colored initial, with the sides a darker shade than the front for a really neat shadowed effect.

It also doesn’t hurt (I did this) to smooth out the paint just a bit after the little ones are done painting.

Emma had to paint the back of hers too, it is not necessary but her level of fun was through the roof and I wasn’t about to stop her.

Door initial DIY

She is just so darn cute, if I do say so myself.

Looking back at these photos melts me, which is exactly what this project was meant to do.

These photos, as well as the DIY itself, will be so fun to look back on as the years go by.

Door initial DIY

For being as young as she is, she did an amazing job with her letter.

She really made sure everything was covered, and all I did was smooth it out.

It was definitely a proud mama moment.

Door initial DIY

While Emma painted her ‘E’, I painted Zoey’s ‘Z’ and the ampersand.

Zoey’s paint was a sheer sparkly purple, which made the letter look almost like a little galaxy. It is so pretty in the light.

Door initial DIY

I love the silver of the ‘&’ sign, it fit right in with the bright and shiny theme my girls love.

Tip: don’t use the same colors! Mix it up and let your kids be as creative as possible!

Door initial DIY

After the letters are painted, you can either wait and let them dry, or add a little glitter. Because Zoey’s paint was speckled with glitter, we had to spruce Emma’s up a little bit.

It was definitely an adventure trying to help her moderately use the glitter.

What two year old can hold themselves back from dumping an entire bottle of glitter onto the project?

Door initial DIY

You’re right…none. That’s why mom steps in. lol!

After it was all done, I had to refrain from hanging them up right away. All you need is some double-sided tape or a command strip and you’re set.

They make wonderful birthday presents, Christmas presents, or anytime rainy day activities.

Door initial DIY

Another thing you could do is let your kids make an initial for their friend’s birthdays.

Home made gifts are always a big hit with fellow parents.

I want one of you to be able to visit Michaels, and make your own memorable keepsake with your children.



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I look forward to reading all about your ways of preserving the special memories in your life.

You might just give me some ideas!

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  2. I make sure I carry my phone with me everywhere I go. I love taking pictures of my baby daughter every single day. Then I transfer them all on to my computer. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing and lovely prize pack 🙂

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