Lately I have been on a super crafty kick, and this tutorial is one that I drafted and created from my own imagination…which is new for me. Normally I’m the master of following along with tutorials, but creating my own craft felt so good I wanted to share how I did it, and believe me it is super simple!

Items you’ll need:

  • Black felt (I bought mine at Wal-Mart for around $2 a yard)
  • Cat Mask pattern (below)
  • Chalk pen (I prefer the Clover Chaco Liner, <– affiliate link)
  • Good scissors
  • Fold over elastic, string, or ribbon.
  • Hot glue
  • White (or whatever color you prefer) thread, and a medium sized craft needle. Optional

Cat Mask Pattern:

This was drawn free-hand by me, and you should be able to copy it without any problems.

felt cat mask tutorial pattern.jpg

Note: you only need one side of the mask for the pattern, this way your mask will be even!

Next you’ll need to get your felt ready! Fold a section of your felt in half, making sure it is wide enough for your pattern, then trace with the chalk pen. Make sure the end is lined up with the fold.

DIY felt cat mask tutorial

From there, cut out your patterns, around the chalk, just don’t cut the folded edge!

Place the pattern cutout on the untraced side of the mask, and trace another eye.

DIY felt cat mask tutorial

You should have something that looks like this:

DIY felt cat mask tutorial

After your mask is cut out, we also need to cut the eye holes. This may seem tricky, but I have a cheat for you. Fold the mask in half, and make a snip along the eye where it is the straightest. Continue cutting carefully around the edges.

DIY felt cat mask tutorial

From here, you can put the mask up to the person it is being made for, and trim the eyes bigger if needed.

Whew! The hard part is over! Don’t forget to run a lint brush over it if you have one.

Here is where the fun part comes in! If you haven’t already heat up your glue gun, measure the right amount of fold-over-elastic, string, yarn, or ribbon, and hot glue it to the ear section of the mask.

You can also do some basic cat-like stitches like I did for my daughter’s mask:

DIY felt cat mask tutorial

If you want to just decorate a mask, I sell these in my Etsy shop: DIY Cat Mask Kit

DIY felt cat mask tutorial

There are so many endless options when it comes to these mask, let your kids loose and see what they come up with in the decorating stage!

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