I love making things with my kids, and since their obsession with Frozen has not died down I thought it would be really cool to make a Frozen Snow Globe with them.

This tutorial will help you make your very own as well!

Materials you’ll need:

  • Mason jar, Snow globe, or anything you can permanently seal.
    I used a plastic snow globe that I bought from Michael’s. Ever since Emma broke Zoey’s real snow globe last year I’m a little more partial to plastic.
  • Glitter
  • Mini figurines, or resins (you’ll see what those are later in this post.)
  • Beads or pretty jewels.
  • Water
  • Hot glue gun.

This really is an easy, quick, and fun activity to do with your kids. My girls had so much fun doing this with me, and the beauty of it is I look at it and shine with pride because my girls did all of this (minus the hot glue) by themselves.

Snow Globe Tutorial

The first step is to prep all of your items. Have them all laid out and easily accessible. Heat up your glue gun. This is the only part you’ll do if you’re letting your kids take control of the project.

Frozen snow globe tutorial

It might be nerve-wracking to let your kids loose with glitter and water, but it is so much fun to see.

On the inside of your lid, or if you’re using a snow globe kit like we did, hot glue your figurines and place them down firmly.

Frozen snow globe tutorial

I placed glue on the bottom of my resins, as well as in a line where I was going to place them.

I wanted to make sure there was a firm grip that would not come loose when the kids shook the snow globe.

After it dried, I reinforced the seal by adding another layer of glue around the base of my resins. They are oddly shaped at the bottom and I wanted to make sure the seal would stay no matter what.

Frozen snow globe tutorial

Frozen snow globe tutorial

Here is where your kids take over and the magic happens.

Secure the snow globe so the kids can add in all the pretty things they want.

My girls opted for square rhinestones and silver/gold glitter. They poured it in all by themselves (very liberally, I might add.)

Frozen snow globe tutorial

It was so cute seeing them take turns, and I have to admit I was a little nervous that they would accidentally fill the entire bulb halfway with glitter.

They did a wonderful job, though, and practiced the self control I know is difficult to master at their age.

Next I let Zoey fill it with water (because she’s the oldest!) I hinted that she should probably put a little bit more, but she insisted that she was happy where it was.


That’s what kid-led crafting is all about.

After all, it’s their snow globe, not mine.

I took over from here, placed a line of hot glue around the inner plug and lid, and secured it.

The outcome was wonderful. They have not stopped staring at it.

Frozen snow globe tutorial

Frozen snow globe tutorial

Neither have I.

I had a lot of fun guiding my kids to making their very own snow globe. It might turn into an annual craft tradition, and I’m sure they’ll only come up with more unique things as they get older.

On top of it all, they make wonderful keepsakes!

Frozen snow globe tutorial

Frozen snow globe tutorial

Especially if made of plastic…because I learned the hard way last year that glass and two year old’s do not mix well at all.

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