It’s not always easy to know what kind of Halloween gifts for teachers to buy. Last week my Aunt gave me some Halloween themed fabric, and since then I’ve wanted to do something crafty. Today at Target, I saw all of the supplies (minus the candy) in the dollar section, and I instantly knew what I was going to do.

DIY Halloween Teacher Gifts

Halloween gifts for teachers

You’ll need:

  • Small Jars $1, Target
  • Tweed String, in your favorite Halloween colors (I chose orange and black), $1, ea
  • Tulle
  • Chalkboard Labels, $1 Target
  • Any small individually wrapped candy

From here it is super simple and quick to put it all together. Isn’t making a DIY Halloween teacher gift better than buying something premade? I think it really inspires that traditional and old-school-esque connection between teacher and student.

1) First cut a 10 inch strip of tulle, and fold it into a square about the size of the bottom of the jar. Place it inside the jar before adding anything else to give it a little flare.

Halloween gifts for teachers

2) Next, fill with candy! Like I said this is super easy!

3) Add the chalkboard labels to the jars. I wrote on mine after the photos to protect the privacy of my daughter’s wonderful teachers, but it is definitely much easier to do the writing before you stick it on the jar.

Halloween gifts for teachers

Only one step left! This is probably one of the easiest teacher gifts to make, and can really be tweaked to fit any occasion.

4) Cut another 10 inch piece of tulle, making sure it is folded or bunched to a one inch thickness. Cut a piece of each color tweed string at the same length. Lay the string on top of the tulle.

Halloween gifts for teachers

5) Carefully pick them all up and tie them in a knot either around the jar lid or directly beneath the lid. I did both due to one of my lids being loose.

6) Once you have your double knot, adjust if needed, and trim the sides to about two inches in length to resemble a bow tie.

Halloween gifts for teachers

That’s it! You’re done! Can you believe it? This is an affordable, easy way to give your teachers gifts in style. It also makes me process much less tedious if you need to make gifts for more than one child’s teacher, or teachers. My daughter has two!

WARNING: These materials attract household cats. Beware! lol

Halloween gifts for teachers

Rigby knocked my entire workstation down at least twice during the process of taking photos.

Growing up, giving my teachers gifts for all the hard work they do was a huge part of the school year. I’m so happy to be able to pass on the importance of showing respect and appreciation to teachers. They deserve it!

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  1. I would love to surprise my children’s teachers with small gifts like this one. I normally get gift cards for them for the holidays and end of the school year, but I want them to know they are appreciated all year round!

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