Crafting is something that people connect over, and while some may be dedicated and daily DIYers, others may be a little more casual without being fully aware of the versatile crafting materials available to us out there.

DIY with kids is inevitable once we become parents, so I suppose even those without the urge to create something new every day should have these crafting material must-haves in their homes.

25 Versatile Crafting Materials Everyone Should Have In Their Home.

This is the ultimate starter guide as well as a refresher on the essentials of crafting. With these, you’re sure to be a Pinterest master, able to pick up tons of craft projects without having to make a run to the store. Print out the PDF version at the end of this article to keep in your craft room!

Versatile crafting materials - Mason Jars and Twine

nature and crayons

glue gun & tulle

mod podge & cardstock

glitter & paint

x-acto knife & sharpies

cardboard boxes & felt

sewing kit & hole punches

e-6000 glue & popsicle sticks

Pipe cleaners & buttons

fabric, yarn, ribbon, & thread

beads & toilet paper rolls

paper lunch bags

So tell me, what are you inspired to create?

25 Versatile craft supplies

Download the printable PDF version here.

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