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I know how intimidating the logistics of a healthcare plan can be. Just the jumble of medical jargon alone is enough to send the average (ahem, non-medical professionals) person into a sort of tailspin.

It doesn’t have to feel like you’re spinning out of control, though, you can easily educate yourself and be medical benefit savvy in no time. Lingo and all.

We Dare You to Share with UnitedHealthCare

Finding ways to better prepare myself for whatever life has to throw my way is something I pride myself in. One of my hobbies over the past few years has been to fully understand the medical coverage my family has, what is covered, and whether or not I’ll be partially paying out of pocket for something.

We Dare You to Share with UnitedHealthCare

If there’s one thing that motivates me it’s a dare. Call it pride, or stubbornness, either would be considered appropriate.UnitedHealthCare has upped the ante and put forth not one, but three dares every month.

It’s now up to us to follow through because we’ve officially been dared to:

we dare you to

  1. Play a concentration game by matching the “Where to go for Health Care” terms to their definitions
  2. Watch the new UHC commercial about their Health4Me app and answer a poll question
  3. Take the quiz about using your medical benefits

I want to focus on dare #1, with it’s more difficult nature because I believe you can do it. I’m right here with you.

Matching the terms is actually quite fun, my husband and I played longer than we had anticipated. We also became near experts at the definitions in what felt like no time at all.

Plus, with We Dare You to Share you can win prizes!


Dare to WIN!

Those who submit their dares will be entered to win prizes! For each dare the grand prize is $400–that’s an amazing incentive to learn about your medical coverage. It can save you in a pinch as well!

On top of the grand prize, every week a $25 gift card will be given away to a lucky dare devil!

Get your dares in now!

I wonder what next month’s dares will be?

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