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I believe that it is natural for people to be attracted towards gorgeous jewelry. It is in who we are as people. One thing that has always impressed me was the craftsmanship and precision required to design and create said jewelry.

Having said that, whenever I see a new jewelry catalog or advertisement I almost always have a double take moment. Extravagant detail and multiple colors have been very attractive to me lately. Show me rose gold anything, though, and you have me sold.

Don Roberto Jewelers Spring 2015 Collection

For as long as I can remember, we have had Don Roberto Jewelers locally. I have memories from when I was very young, walking by the Don Roberto store windows, gawking at the shiny diamonds and gorgeous stones displayed there.

Now that I am an adult, I have the ability (and financial stability) to fully appreciate the splendor of jewelry. This is the exact reason I get excited every time a new catalog comes out, and the Don Roberto Jewelers Spring 2015 Collection did not disappoint.

14K Wedding Set

I know so many people getting engaged and married this year. Not only is this a style I’m seeing more and more, I have actually seen a few rings like this that I absolutely adore. Let me put it to you this way: I just upgraded my wedding/engagement ring set in 2013 and I’m already thinking about upgrading again in a few years to something two toned.

don roberto jewelers

Diamond Infinity Necklace

What do you think of when you hear the word “infinity“? More specifically, who do you think of?

I think of my best friend, my mom, my husband. This is a piece of jewelry that I believe is supposed to mean something when given. It represents forever, everything, and always. I know who I would give a necklace like this to…do you?


Rose Gold Morganite Ring, Pendant & Earrings

Here is where my motherly side is going to pop out for a moment, just a warning.

I cannot wait for the day my daughter is a young adult, and I can buy something like this for her. In my mind I’m picturing my daughter Zoey, about age twelve, and I’m giving this to her to wear on Easter Sunday because it matches her dress perfectly. I think I felt a tear roll down my cheek–I’m obviously not ready for my six-year-old to be twelve.

don roberto rose gold morganite collection

14K 9 Princess Diamond Earrings

This is one of the pieces of jewelry I am going to have….and soon. I mentioned that I upgraded my wedding ring set before, and that is relevant here because the diamonds in the earrings are set up in an identical way to my ring.

They match! It is a must-have, or else I will regret it for the rest of my life. It is situations like these that make me believe fate is steering us in certain ways…I was meant to see these earrings.

Don Roberto Jewelry

14K Gold Drop Necklace & 14K Gold Drop Earrings

Have you ever seen a jewelry set and instantly thought of someone special? That is what this Gold Drop set represents for me. I won’t name the person, so I don’t embarrass them, but they are one of the most inspirational women in my life. She has always done the best for me my entire life, and I happen to think she looks absolutely stunning in gold.

I love to do this–go back and buy jewelry for people when it reminds me of them. That spark of recognition is a sign and we should follow it!

14k gold drop necklace & earrings don roberto

These are just my favorites out of the new catalog!

I’m telling you, there are so many things to see. You won’t be able to look at it without adding a handful of things to your wishlist.

You can view the Don Roberto Jewelers Spring 2015 Catalogs here and here.

Do you live in or around San Jose, CA?

If so, I would love to invite you to the following featured Don Roberto Jewelers store to see the amazing spring jewelry for yourself!

2723 McKee Rd.
San Jose CA 95127
tel: (650) 539-0700

Aren’t in the San Jose area? That’s okay! I have a 25% off coupon for you to shop online at Don Roberto Jewelers.

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What is your favorite piece of jewelry from the Don Roberto Spring 2015 Catalog?

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