I am extremely excited about Valentine’s Day this year. I was given a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas by two amazing people, and I have been a busy bee creating things that are fun and adorable–and perfect for Valentine’s Day (and tons of holidays to come.)

So far I have been playing with premade designs to make some super fun crafts, and hope to start designing my own soon so I can offer them for download.

3d heart valentine holder

For now, if you have a silhouette, you will need the following from the Silhouette Online Store:

As well as the following supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • 3/8″ Ribbon
  • And of course, a Silhouette.

I am sure you could create something similar by eye if you are particularly crafty.

If you are using a Silhouette Portrait, like I am, you are going to need to scale down the 3D Heart Box file, and rotate it a little bit. It is too big for the 8 inch maximum width of this machine. After scaled down, you’re ready to go.

DIY 3D Valentine’s Day Heart Box

The first step after you have printed your files and removed them from your cutting mat, is to fold along the perforated edges. You are going to use these flaps that you just folded to glue the box together.

3d heart valentine holder

Start with the small flap on the bottom of the hearts, it is the flap that is about an inch in length. Add your glue to this piece, and press firmly to the opposite side of the heart. Make sure you’re liberal with your use of glue here, you don’t want it coming apart as soon as you fill it with candy.

3d heart valentine holder

Test out the side pieces to make sure they close properly. They have small notches in them that can be used to form a lid of sorts to the top of the box.  If you sized it down like I had to, this might be a little more difficult to secure. Once you have the pieces together you should be able to push it down, and it will pop into place.

3d heart valentine holder

Next, put glue on the long flap, and press firmly from the inside of the box. This step completes the box, and you get to move on to the second part, which is gluing on the Valentine Circle of choice. Once again, use the glue liberally, and make sure you’re putting the glue on the back side of the circle. It is a little too easy to get them mixed up, so make sure you’re looking at the right side when gluing. It wouldn’t be a very pretty piece to look at if the front is covered in dried glue.

3d heart valentine holder

Make sure to press firmly from the inside of the box.

From here, the last thing to do is to add your ribbon. I recommend either using 3/8″ ribbon, or something even smaller like bakers twine. Feed it from the inside out on each side, so it can be easily tied on the top end for hanging.

3d heart valentine holder

Another tip for this part is to make sure that you cut enough of the ribbon, mine was a little short and it made tying it into a pretty bow much more difficult.

From here you can fill it with your favorite candy, and make someone’s day super special!

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day craft? This might be my favorite yet.

5 comments on “Easy DIY 3D Valentine’s Day Heart Box”

  1. I really would love to have silhouette as well, the creations you can make are amazing and this little box you decorated with yours is by far one of the most adorable Valentine’s crafts I’ve ever seen! I know what I’ll be telling hubby I want for V-day! 😉 Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. Aaahh, these looks so cute. I wish my children were younger so they could make something like this with me. Thank you for sharing!

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