I love sewing. I try all the time to get better at this skill because I love it so much.

For the first time, I did something on my own without help.

It isn’t a genius invention, but I wanted to share it with all beginner sewing enthusiasts because it is a great introduction to stretchy fabrics, and will take literally 15 minutes of your time.

Easy Sew Lace Headband Tutorial:

easy sew lace headbands

What you’ll need:

  • 1 inch elastic lace
  • sewing machine (I own and love the Brother 6000i, and it is a wonderful beginner machine.)
  • matching thread
  • scissors

Select the zig-zag stitch on your machine.

I recommend cutting a test piece of your lace elastic, while finding the perfect tension, stitch width, etc.

Here is what I found worked well on my machine:

easy sew lace headbands

This might be a good starting place, but test it anyway…it never hurts to play it safe! Note: my tension is super low because of the way I have my machine threaded. My huge thread cone won’t fit on my machine so I had to get crafty with it.

Just know, it’s okay to mess up…

easy sew lace headbands

I sure did at first.


After you’ve found the perfect setup, place the two ends of the elastic lace together, and pin them so they stay put as much as possible.

easy sew lace headbands

Make sure to leave enough room between the end of your pin and the end of the lace elastic so nothing gets caught up as you’re sewing.

From here, simply zig-zag stitch from one end to the other. I sewed one stitch at a time slowly so I could make sure it stayed as straight as possible.

easy sew lace headbands

Be sure to leave enough thread at either end, and double knot, then trim.

That’s it! Super easy and beginner friendly.

easy sew lace headbands

Keep an eye out for my tips and tricks on sprucing up headbands in the future! Check out my headband bling tutorial here.

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  1. I’m not a great seamstress, but I think I could make that pretty quickly. I can’t believe how much the stores charge for headbands. You could buy yards of lace for one headband. I should make these for all of my nieces for Christmas.

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