Last month I went to Michael’s and stocked up on awesome craft supplies with the hopes of putting up some really fun Christmas Crafts and DIY projects. So far I’ve shown you the Frozen Snow Globe, but haven’t had much time to post about anything else.

Today that changes.

I have a super easy, beautiful, and quick ornament DIY that will look amazing on any Christmas tree.

What you’ll need:

Snowy Glitter Ornament DIY

This is a very quick, minimal steps project. The first thing you will want to do is fill your ornament with artificial snow. Make it as full as possible, and I recommend doing this over the trash. If your ornament is anything like mine you’ll have tons of fallout because the opening to the ornament is teeny tiny.

snow ornament

Two year old’s love to catch all of the fallout in my experience. Emma was trying to save the snow from the trash can the entire time I filled mine up. She loved helping as well, so that is an idea for you if you’d like to include your kids.

I loved the way the snow looked in the ornament all by itself, but I wanted to spruce it up a bit. So what you’ll need to do next is grab your paint brush, and put a coat of Mod Podge over one half of your ornament. My ornament had a line that I tried to follow, although it wasn’t easy with Emma trying to help (and by help I mean spill the Mod Podge.)

After you’ve applied the Mod Podge, you can either sprinkle the glitter, or roll your ornament in glitter.

I sprinkled my glitter first, over a paper plate, then rolled it in the excess in order to fill any spots that were lacking.

snow ornament

Next dust off any excess and you’re ready to hang your ornament.

I have always loved whites, silvers, and golds when it comes to Christmas trees. It really makes it look serene and magical, exactly what Christmas is supposed to be.

snow ornament

I’ll admit, I haven’t been as into Christmas this year as I normally am. Making this ornament has inspired the Christmas spirit in me, though, and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) sharing more crafts and DIY projects with you soon.

What are your favorite DIY or crafty Christmas projects?

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