I’m so excited for Thanksgiving. We all get together at my grandma’s house and eat amazing food that only my mom and grandma can cook.

Aren’t grandma’s the best?

Today was one of those days where Emma was missing Zoey, so we decided to do some extra fun activities together.

She wanted glasses–so I got my crafty hat on and started working.

Pipe Cleaner Turkey Glasses

thanksgiving turkey glasses

For this craft you’ll need:

  • Pipe cleaners in your favorite fall colors
  • A cute kid.

Not much to it.

Your first step is to make the circles for your faux lens frames.

Bring your pipe cleaner ends together, overlapping them to create the size frame you want, then twist the ends around the center until you have a circle.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

Next, do the same for the other side.

To create the nose piece, grab a pipe cleaner in the same color as your frames, and fold it in half.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

Starting at the folded edge, twist all the way down to the open end.

Fold in half, twist the ends onto each side of your lens, and form into an arc shape.

An optional method here, is to cut the pipe cleaner in half before you twist it. This way you won’t have to fold it.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

For the ear piece (or whatever the accurate term is) grab two pipe cleaners, one for each side.

Fold them in half, and place it on the outer frame(the frame goes in between the two ends). Twist it all the way to the end.

Now you can measure them on your child, and fold to the right length so they will stay.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

Now it’s time to make the feathers!

Choose five different colors, and grab two pipe cleaners of each.

Making the feathers is extremely simple:  Fold in half, creasing the fold with your fingers. Measure 1/3rd of the way down from the crease, and start twisting the pipe cleaner closed.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

It will look somewhat like a leaf on a very long stem.

To add your feathers to your glasses, lay a feather on top of the frame, fold the ‘stem’ under and behind.

You’ll see the stem sticking up through the opening in the feather.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

Fold the stem down, facing outward.

You want all the pointy parts facing away from your child’s eyes.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

Rinse and repeat for the rest of your colors, as well as the other side.

What you get is an adorable pair of goofy Thanksgiving turkey glasses.

thanksgiving turkey glasses

These made Emma’s day, and I hope you have a child who would love them, too.

13 comments on “Easy Thanksgiving Craft: Pipe Cleaner Turkey Glasses”

  1. We’ve been doing all kinds of Thanksgiving crafts around my house too. There aren’t a ton of projects available in stores, so we’ve had to scour the internet. My kids will love this!

  2. Spencer would be all over this. He loves little crafts as long as everyone realizes that they only last one day. If they are expected to last more than one day he’s out. He knows the dog ruins his stuff. Though that is only because he doesn’t know how to take care of his things.


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