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“I need more money.”

“I need to be financially stable.”

“I don’t relate to my bank.”

I know a lot of people who share the same sentiments. When it comes down to taking care of our families and making sure our children have everything they need, money becomes a huge stress.

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If we all had money to share, this world would be a different place. But it’s not and today’s Latino parents have to avail themselves of every monetary advantage they can find.

From budgeting all the way to picking the right bank, the choices we make directly impact our financial health. That health impacts family, especially our children, our community and friends.

So how do we get ahead and how can we continue to improve our financial health? Here are a few topics that come up in many money conversations.

Choosing The Right Bank

I have run the bank gambit, and for a long time was frustrated at the low quality some of these institutions have. Seriously, some of these banks think THEY are the customers and it should be our privilege to work with them. HA!

Finally, the buck stopped for me at Wells Fargo, and I banked with them for quite a while. Here is a bank that has dedication to it’s customers, investors and the community at large. I don’t bank with them any more, but I really miss it.

Proof can be found in their recent collaboration with Telemundo and their commitment to the Hispanic community in general. It is the perfect addition to their already wonderful Spanish-language services.

Their campaign called “Conversemos de Tus Finanzas” focuses on empowering and educating the Hispanic community about financial status and setting goals. Bilingual online tools, Spanish Text Banking, Spanish account statements, Spanish-language call centers and Spanish-speaking bankers across the nation are just some of the services now being offered by Wells Fargo.

This campaign also features segments on both Telemundo and Wells Fargo’s website in the form of vignettes, charts and articles; all with tools and information that will help anyone make better financial decisions and secure a better financial future.

But I love that they have placed the Hispanic community in the spotlight. For six weeks you can check out “Un Nuevo Dia” or “Al Rojo Vivo” on Telemundo for important financial segments.

Also, Wells Fargo has an online page that provides numerous tools for things like budgeting, credit building and financial management. But there is much more to check out when you visit there.

Wells Fargo Infographic_ENGLISH

Money Management

Any successful money guru will tell you that there are many ingredients to financial stability. But there are a couple that are very necessary.

Plan a budget – we all know this is job one when it comes to money.

Manage cash flow and savings – truly the hardest thing to do. But put it down in writing and the task becomes a whole lot easier.

Manage credit – I would like to say we don’t need credit. But someday I want my own home, better cars and more. If you have similar goals, credit is a necessary thing.

All these are required for money success. Wells Fargo has a few pages that provide invaluable information. Visit them here, as well as download this PDF that covers a lot of information you might be interested in.

Our ancestors have worked hard growing our culture in America. The Latino of the 21st century can be proud and hold our heads high knowing how far we have come.

But we will never be satisfied, we shoot for big things, we want success and happiness. And money, unfortunately, is part of the formula that will help us continue to thrive. Use any resource you can find.

But a great start is with Wells Fargo.

I am still pouring through all the information they offer and I know it will help me advance my financial goals.

As I’m sure you know, financial goals and health are always a work in progress.

It will help you out too and together our happiness grows through financial stability.

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