Being a mother is a great responsibility, and when you’re a single mother, things become more stressful. One of the main concerns can be proper management of finances at home. With school fee, home bills, and daily expenses to pay for, you need more than a job at a nearby store. Home businesses are a great option for single mothers; all you need is some creativity!

So get your creative juices flowing and explore the little entrepreneur within you; a lot can be achieved with a great home business idea implemented on small scale. Not only will you gain great financial advantage from your business venture, it will also be a great way to pass time and show your talent.

Here are five of our favorite home business ideas for single moms:

Home Bakery

This is a home business idea that gained immense popularity in the past few years; however, the idea never gets old! Home baked goods have always been a preference of buyers mainly because of the freshness and innovation. You can go for a more specific idea and opt for cake decoration; fondant and gum paste cake decoration gives you all the freedom to translate your artistic imagination. You might want to take cake decoration classes before venturing into it.

Cooking Services

Love experimenting with food? Use your culinary skills to provide specialized cooking services from home. You can take orders for preparing food for private events or you can work for a restaurant or eatery. Bakeries and restaurants also pay for new and inventive recipes; maybe you can perform some food experiments every now and then, and sell your recipes. If you have more time on your hands, you can also take orders for providing food to a place every day.

Wedding Planning

A lot of effort goes into planning a great wedding. As a wedding planner, you can manage all the little details like flower decoration, food, drinks, venue arrangement and even the wedding cake. Why is this home business? You can stay at home and keep a contract with wedding arrangement vendors; whenever you get an order, you only have to supervise the main event. Remember, the more creative you are, the more you flourish.

Creative Gift Wrapping Services

Put some lace and wrapping paper to good use. You can not only provide exquisite gift wrapping, but you can also make giveaway boxes, custom wedding invitations, baby announcement cards, and other similar items. Gift wrapping can be done in innovative ways like packing in baskets or fabric; the creativity and the imagination is your call!

Become a Young Living Wholesale Member

Young Living Essential Oils

The wonderful thing about Young Living is that you have no obligation to sell anything. Most Young Living business owners don’t ever sell to anyone. What we do is share the wholesale member opportunity with others. I know, that sounds crazy. But it is so worth it for the wholesale prices alone. Why not work for yourself while feeling better?

Once you break away from the usual 9 to 5 working routine, you’ll realize your true potential. It will be great to balance both work and home business in a clever way, and your little business idea might turn into a success story someday.

4 comments on “Five Home Business Ideas for Single Moms”

  1. There are some websites like WAHM which will inform you whether the job site that you can learn from.
    My advice would be to find a good mentor, and work on your business’s success. But, the most you will probably not be getting your money back if it not what you know, it’s been 20 minutes, the kids are taken care of for you.
    Draft a list of answers to the above. Of course while your boss is on board
    with an Authentic business based on facebook.

  2. Before starting a home Bakery you better check into local laws and find out about inspections. You may also have to be Serve Safe certified. You definately can’t have pets running through your home. And knowing about running a business helps so you you make a profit and the legal stuff. Also make people pay right away even if they’re good friends. They’re the one’s that take advantage the most. And don’t be surprised if people think you should deliver to them!

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