One of my favorite parts of childhood was Valentine’s Day. I had great teachers who always played it up and made it super fun. Every year that I can remember we made card holders, and really prepared for the big day.

They sent home a list of everyone in the class, so we could prepare a very special Valentine’s Day Card for everyone in the class. We would attach candy, in hopes of having the coolest Valentine card ever.

Another thing I have always noticed is the lack of truly unique Valentine’s Day cards. There is an over-abundance of licensed characters and TV show themes, but you have to spend way more if you want something special.

That has always bugged me, we have lost the art of special and custom cards that wow and amaze. The convenience of these pre-made, perforated cards has ruined us. I want to change that. This is going to be the year of awesome Valentine’s.

Space-Themed Valentine’s Day Care Printable

I have always adored the geek-chic type Valentine’s Day cards, and this card was inspired by my new iPhone 6 Plus, and the default space images that never stop stunning me.


It’s all set and ready to go for you, or your kid, to sign and give to your special someone.

It is completely free to download and use, no credit or attribution needed unless you’re re-uploading to your own website.

I personally adore the little alien creature, and if you’re printing this for your child, I’m sure they’re going to love it as well. I am so inspired to make even more things like this that will hopefully save everyone who downloads it money in the long run.

Don’t let your child be one of the many with the exact same licensed and unoriginal card. Help them stand out!

Help them be the one that everyone will hail “the kid who brought the best cards!

Download the PDF here.

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