Yesterday I posted some photos with my new found wavy hair-do. Well I guess I have hair ADD because I decided to show how to go from wavy to sleek and straight hair in less than 15 minutes! I just did this and took pictures along the way to show you what I do and how I do it.

Here is the before picture:


First, when I want to straighten my hair I separate my hair into three layers, and tie the first two up into buns so they stay out of the way.

straight hair

Next I start straightening the bottom layer. I straighten 1 inch sections at a time, which ensures your hair is heated thoroughly and each strand gets straightened. Make sure you brush out each layer before you straighten it!

straight hair

Then I let down the middle layer and do the same thing, with 1 inch sections at a time.

straight hair

Finally I let down the top layer. I use extra time and caution on this layer because it is the hardest to do, and it is the section people actually see.

straight hair

Then I spritz my hair with an anti-frizz spray and brush through. I actually teased my hair a bit after I took the photos to get a little extra volume. I use no hair spray because I put mousse in my wet hair yesterday and that does the trick for me.


6 comments on “From wavy to sleek and straight hair”

  1. I love the waves in your hair, they are beautiful! I always straighten in sections as well, I have a ton of natural curl in the back, but it looks more like ramen noodles then the wave you have. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Great post! I do like the waves, but it looks nice straight too! I am always looking for ways to keep my frizzy hair straight!

  3. I am lucky to have super straight hair naturally….I think I am lucky. Well, I do it backwards from you – “How to go from straight to wavy hair” LOL!!

    Cute photos! You have such lovely hair!

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