Poor Emma gets depressed every morning when we take Zoey to school. They may fight non-stop but my girls are extremely close, and they miss each other like crazy when separated.

Today was exceptionally sad on the Emma front. She was moping around talking about “Doey” (she hasn’t quite mastered the ‘z’ sounds yet.)

I knew I had to do something fun with her to cheer up her sad little face.

So we packed up and went to Target (which was scary, since she isn’t wearing diapers any more.)

We bought paint, paint brushes, and nice paper.

The results are gold.

Hand Print Painting With a Two Year Old

Naturally we took this activity outside. I can’t trust her to eat her breakfast without making a mess, paint is something I take very seriously.

I had originally planned on making a specific project, but soon realized Emma was in control.

hand print painting

She wanted to try out all the different colors, and seeing a smile on her face melted me.

hand print painting

How could I say no?

After every new hand print she would pick a new color, and I’d paint a layer on her hand.

hand print painting

It only took one or two times of showing her how to make the hand print until she got it down.

hand print painting

Natural artist!

Of course it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t mix colors together and get it in her hair. That’s what baths are for, and I’m a fun mom so I didn’t stop her!

hand print painting

In the end, she had a beautiful piece of artwork that will be hanging on the fridge until she’s 30.

hand print painting

hand print painting

I can tell she’s really proud of what she created.

I am too.

Now that Zoey is home, they’re back to fighting.

I wish Emma would remember how much they annoy each other when she’s crying for Zoey to come home during the day.

Oh, the joys of parenting.

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