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Happiness is something I, and many people I’ve known throughout my life, have expressed an interest in trying to achieve. It’s a never ending journey, but the things experienced along the way are well worth it.

Life has a funny way of making things entertaining, to say the least. I know in my own little piece of reality, I tend to have a few major struggles right before something amazing happens. Without fail. All of these things make me really appreciate and enjoy each and every moment given to me.

It feels like fate or the universe, or whatever fits for your life and your journey. It’s fate telling us that we’ve just earned one more small piece of happiness, slowly filling the larger puzzle.

Happiness is: the special little moments

Out of all of the little pieces in happiness in my life it seems the little ones are my favorite. The big happy moments are expected in life. Christmas is a big happy moment, for example. Every recognizes, and more importantly expects, the joy and excitement on Christmas morning.

You can’t see the little moments coming, and the joy they bring is always overwhelming in the best way possible.

My favorite moments are as follows:

The first time Zoey performed in a dance recital. I did not expect this one to hit me the way it did. I watched Zoey dance all the time, every week at class. I could probably perform the routine they spend months practicing in my sleep. I did not know my motherly emotions would kick in as soon as the lights came up on the stage, and a group of adorable four-year-olds made their debut. My emotions consumed me and the tears swelled up in my eyes. It has happened every time since.

I love being a dance mom

Emma’s awesome leg kick. Once upon a time, when Emma was a baby, the batteries in her favorite bouncer died. The bouncer was Emma’s only source of comfort throughout the day you see. She had parents who kept forgetting to buy batteries, so something else had to be done. That day changed everything. From then on she would bounce her leg to help her fall to sleep. It even started happening subconsciously in her sleep. The most adorable thing in the world and still makes me so incredibly happy when I think back on it.

Emma 3 weeks old

The magical moment of movie night. In my childhood, I remember movies in general being exciting and magical. They were a huge part of childhood as a whole. Movies lead to an infinite amount of new worlds and adventures to go on. That is what I want for  my daughters. I have seen a little bit of it already, and it makes me very happy. There are very few things that make me feel the joy of life than movie night with my familia. Looking over next to my girls as we’re snuggling on the couch and seeing their eyes widen as something extremely interesting happens in a movie is exhilarating. In case you were wondering, it doesn’t even matter that I’m so obviously missing the movie.

big hero 6

One of the latest movies that did that for us was Big Hero 6, which is Now on Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Blu-ray™ Feb 24. Zoey has absolutely melted me by ‘geeking out‘ as she calls it over the amazing adventure and comic book feel of the movie. That little moment of happiness is exactly why I am celebrating the release of Big Hero 6.

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Big hero 6

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12 comments on “Happiness Is: Living Life Every Day and Big Hero 6 #BigHero6Sweeps”

  1. A special moment is when my son graduated at the top of his class and he gave a moving speech at his graduation that made me cry!!

  2. I don’t have kids of my own.. but I have two stepsons.. I’ve raised the youngest since he was 3. One of my favorite moments was after him eating spaghetti. We were getting him cleaned up and I asked him just how on earth he got spaghetti on his forehead. He threw his arms up in the air and said “It’s MAGIC!!” lol =)

  3. Watching my kids sleep as they were babies. Just taking a few minutes to watch them — so innocent, so peaceful and completely dependent on me.

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