Pursuing optimal health has become a main focus for many people these days. Paying attention to diet, physical activity, nutritional supplements and medication has become an obsession of sorts. However, for many years, medical professionals and psychologists have taken a close look at marriage and how entering into this partnership can affect your health. It turns out that people who are happily married enjoy much better health than those people who are unmarried or in an unhealthy relationship.

Mortality Rate

Numerous studies have been done to take a good look at how long people live when they are married versus alone and single. Whether death occur because of an accident, illness or self-inflicted wounds, people who are unmarried tend to live a shorter life than those who are married. The reason is not necessarily clear at this point but there could be weight to a person’s economic advantage during marriage or a healthier mental state.


Physical Activity and Health

Married people tend to be more active whether they are participating in activities together or separately. There is a level of motivation that is often present. If one person is going to go for a walk or head to the gym, they may ask their partner if they would like to come along. Better physical health will lead to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, viral illness and so on. Also, if a person is feeling under the weather, their partner may take notice and encourage a visit to the doctor.

Mental Health

Married people have been proven to have a lower risk of depression and other psychiatric disorders. For those who are married and considering a divorce, depression and mental illness is more prevalent in those people going through this tough time. This might be a motivating factor to work together to work out problems and stay together.

A United Team

Marriage should not be confused with cohabitation in any way. Many married couples have fallen into bad routines where two people live together, but they are no longer working together as a team and no longer enjoying each other’s company. It is important to nourish the marriage and foster a close bond with one another in order to make this a healthy relationship that your health can benefit from in the long run.


While some married couples might think of this as nagging, there are benefits to your spouse making sure that you are safe. If you are thinking about heading out to the store in bad weather, your spouse may discourage it. If you haven’t been making healthy eating choices, your spouse might get on your case about it. Either way, having a positive motivator and cheerleader can help you stay healthy. No matter the demographic or the length of marriage, being married in a happy environment can help both people live longer, be physically healthier, mentally healthier and help people avoid risky behavior. Anyone who has been happily married knows the benefits are far greater than just what appears to the medical world.

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  1. That is really clear to me that people feel better when they there are at least two of them living together. I think that human beings are social creatures and they are not meant to live a single life. This article could be a great proof of my opinion to my friends:) Thanks!

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