Google is considered as the biggest referrer of web traffic and hence most of the businesses often rely on this giant search engine to make their sites visible over it. However, Google keeps on updating its algorithm on a frequent basis, which makes the SEO business a constant guessing game. So, instead of relying on Google’s help for your site promotion, you can try a number of other options of marketing. Luckily, you have several important ways to promote your website without seeking the help from Google and thus avoid the frequent updates from this search engine. The following are few ways of doing so:

Blog advertising

In order to try this option, you do not have to use PPC (pay per click) ad to promote your blog. You simply can go to a place where your readers dwell, which is your blog where they often come. You can try things like banner advertising, text advertising and sidebar sponsorship for your website promotion, which are basically inexpensive solutions for you. If you choose any popular blog related to your niche area, it can certainly give you a good exposure to your targeted group. You can choose a couple of prominent ads that you could afford for your blogs having good page rank in your niche.

Facebook Advertising

You can promote your site over Facebook and other social networking sites and that too for free. You could see some quick results by simply leveraging the social network via ads. Facebook gives you opportunities for PPC ad, which is similar to the Google services, but the cost at the former place is much less than the giant search engine along with getting better options for targeting your crowd. You get the chance to limit your audience for your ads by age, gender, marital status, interests, location, etc. The more targeted you are on these ads; the better would be the results. Later, you could think of trying some effective social media strategy, which can be a time consuming affair.

Bing Advertising

Google is not just the only search engine over the web. Bing is among the growing search engines. Though Bing may not have a huge number of users unlike Google, yet it is counted among the influential referral traffic source. The ads over this network could cost pretty less as compared to Google without much restrictions in terms of sites you can put ads as you find with Google. Even with a small promotion budget and more targeting opportunities, you can easily find a good outcome from Bing advertising.

Sponsored Posts

Apart from putting ads on your blog related to your niche area, you could even purchase some sponsored posts to give a better exposure to your website. The sponsored posts could offer you detail content display about your business or the products/services that you deal with. Thus you could highlight a couple of features of your business giving enough reasons to your consumers to buy your products or services. The other important benefit of sponsored posts is that they usually remain in the archives for the entire life of the respective blog where sidebar ads and banner ads also appear for some time duration as per the contract (month or week). Thus this option could give you a good exposure for long after publishing your post while the links would always remain useful for different SEO efforts.

Final word

Though Google remains on the top in terms of referring the traffic, yet the changes coming on a frequent basis over its algorithm bug many online marketers. People do not want to chase this SEO race with constant change in Google algorithm. Hence if you are among such souls, you could easily end up taking resorts over the above methods for your website promotion.

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