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I love when the new year rolls around. There is no better time to take a little breather to look back at the last year, and try to make plans for the better. As everyone knows, New Year Resolutions are an extremely popular tradition. They hold a lot of weight and keep us motivated to work towards our goals and stay sharp.

It’s no wonder we celebrate our resolutions. They mean the world. They keep us moving forward and improving our lives for the better. When I sit and think about it, I am really thankful for the start of every single new year. It gives us all a chance to start fresh, and really refocus on the goals that mean the most to us.

Popular 2015 Goals, and Tips to Help You Achieve Them

2015 goals

There have always been new year resolutions and goals that seem to repeat themselves every year. I don’t think we should focus on those, goals like “lose 75 pounds” and “drink more water” are way too specific, leaving way too many opportunities to fail in your endeavors.

Focus on things that will help you become happy in the long run. No quick fixes!

These are some of the goals I’m setting for myself this year, I’m sure you’ll find them at least similar to your own.

Goal #1: Become more financially stable.

Tip: In order to become financially stable you really have to really dig deep and fully understand your current financial situation. Did you currently get a raise? Start a new job? Don’t blow your extra money on things you never thought you could never afford before. This is a sure fire way to get yourself right back to where you started.

Use a budgeting software, I personally prefer (and highly suggest) YNAB (You Need a Budget) as it is one of the only ones that makes you budget, and live off of the money you currently have. It is very similar to the envelope system as you budget for individual things such as gas, utilities, and food based on what you currently have in the bank. Living on what you have, and budgeting for it, will help you in the long run and eventually get you living on last month’s income. Cool right?

Goal #2: Live a healthier lifestyle.

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Tip: This is very similar to the “Lose 75 Pounds” resolution I warned you against. There is a major difference, though, and that is you can choose a healthier lifestyle without feeling the pressure to lose weight in an unhealthy way. I know when I think of becoming healthier, I like to find ways that work for my entire family, and especially my kids. One of the best ways to do that is to incorporate milk into your daily diet in order to full take advantage of its benefits.

  • A cup of milk after exercise helps your muscles recover. Milk contains casein which is often used in supplements that help rebuild muscles after strenuous workouts.
  • Did you know women who have a diet with high amounts of calcium see improvements in these symptoms?
  • Drinking milk, because of the calcium it contains, can help prevent bone fractures and bone disease. It also helps reduce bone loss, and helps keep bone density strong.
  • A protein found in milk helps improve sleep quality and focus the following day. It turns out there really was science behind a glass of warm milk at night.
  • Milk contains proteins , lipids , calcium, Vitamin A, B6 , biotin and potassium. All of these things help make our skin and hair look better.
  • Research has shown that milk can help prevent cavities when combined with a healthy brushing and flossing routine.

After all, milk fuels a better future. Isn’t that what new year’s resolutions are all about? Setting the foundation for a better future?

Goal #3: Spend more time with family.

Tip: The day to day struggles of working, keeping house, and making sure everything is in order for your entire family can be a stressful position to hold. We do these things because we love our families more than anything. I know I would do anything for mine. That dedication has a pesky little habit of sneaking up, and clouding your vision so you forget to spend quality time with the people you are working so hard for.

This goal is a special reminder, I set it for myself for a reminder to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. It is important to spend time with your kids, your spouse, and every other person you love and care about. It will help you in so many different ways, and your family will not feel like you’re too busy for them…that’s always a plus.

Goal #4: Become better at your job.

Tip: Don’t stress too much about it. I know if is an extremely common goal to do everything you can for that promotion, or that pay raise, but you need to make sure it isn’t the only thing you’re focusing on.

In my experience, the more time you spend “off the clock” the more focused and dedicated you’ll be when you are at work. This off time is crucial, it gives your brain the time it needs to rest and recuperate so you can put your all into your work. A rested mind does better work. Better work puts you in a better situation to be recognized at your job.

Goal #5: Be 100% and truly happy.

Tip: This is one of those things that can never be calculated or fully kept track of. It is a no brainer that there will be bad days. Tons of them. But we shouldn’t let them control our overall happiness level. We all deserve better than that.

The only tip I can give you here is to always keep your head up. Don’t let a string of bad days, or horrible events put you down. Don’t let them affect how you view your new year as a whole. These bumps in the roads will only make you more resilient and your happiness level will remain higher, longer.

Goals have this funny habit of being swept under the rug, and entirely forgotten about. Setting goals that mean a lot…at first. Try setting goals that you will want to stay motivated towards achieving. Do your best to avoid frivolous things that can stop holding a priority at any given time. Focus on your mental clarity to help keep you going towards your goals. My favorite way of doing this is by diffusing Brain Power essential oil and really focusing on improving everything around me.

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The way I like to plan my resolutions is based on what I would like to see happen in my life in the long run. While I suggest setting smaller goals each month, it is always good to keep working towards these long term goals.

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  1. Sadly I can not drink milk anymore. I did whole30 – going in to it as a three gallons of milk a week person – and ever since every time I get NEAR cows milk I get crazy sick. *sigh* I guess I had a sensitivity I didnt know about. 🙁

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