It is a fact of life that children mimic their parents. They watch the things they do, and say, and they copy them, trying them out on themselves. It could be a little girl pretending to put on lipstick like she has seen her mommy do in the morning before work. It could a little boy finding a mirror and pretending to shave his as-yet non-existent beard!

This copying and mimicking is adorable when they’re toddlers and little kids, but as they grow, it continues. They pick up mannerisms, facial expressions, gestures and so much more. They are highly influenced by their parents.

This means that you have the opportunity to influence your children for the better as they grow. By setting a good example, you can help to guide their own behavior and attitude towards things.



How to influence their behavior in a positive way

Ever seen a parent shouting at a child to stop shouting? Yep, it’s not usually the most effective way to stop them; even if it does work in the short term! But if you are constantly shouting, or even swearing, around your children, it’s inevitable that they’ll pick this up.

Do you want your children to be confident around new people? Then demonstrate positive interaction with others. Hold doors open for people; help women with prams on to buses. If you want them to be confident and happy in themselves, you can’t constantly be putting yourself down in front of them. This might be through negative remarks about your looks, or weight, for example.


How to influence their learning in a positive way

Once your child reaches a certain age, it will be time for them to go to school. When this happens, they will no longer be solely under your influence. They will also be under the influence of their teachers, and their peers. Be sure you pick a school with positive morals at their core, like this Fremont Montessori school. Having faith in the school your child is attending will make all the difference.

Even when they are at school-going age, you can still hugely influence their learning, education and knowledge. At the end of school, don’t just ask them if they had a good time at school. Ask them what they learned, and how they learned it.

Setting a positive example is also fantastic. Read your own book while they are reading theirs for homework. Write your own creative writing story and then compare it to theirs.



How to influence their diet in a positive way

Another area of their life that you can influence is their diet. When they are babies, you are in total control. As they grow, you have less control. They may eat something at a friend’s house that you usually wouldn’t approve of. But when they are at home, you can be in control again. Treat foods are okay every now and again, but be sure they are balanced with lots of healthy fruit, veg and fresh ingredients. Remember, sugar is the enemy! Set by example by only consuming it in moderation yourself.

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