In my less knowledgeable years, I used to wonder why my makeup always looked cakey, patchy, and uneven. It was the literal bane of my existence. It wasn’t until much later I understood why my makeup always looked horrible.

Nobody had ever told me that people had different skin types, mine happened to be dry…extremely dry. So while you may have a different type of skin, these tips will help you as well to some extent.

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Want flawless makeup? Do these things:

  • Wash your face and exfoliate every few days.
    This is something I always had a hard time doing religiously. It wasn’t until I received a Clarisonic as a gift from my husband that I realized how amazingly smooth and clean my face could be after a good scrubbing. Be careful and aware of your skin’s sensitivity levels, though, you do not want an irritated face. I can wash my face and give it a good scrubbing without any irritation, but knowing your limits is key.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
    If I skip this step, there is no way I’m getting perfected makeup. Because of how quickly my face dries out this is an extremely important step. When I get out of the shower the first thing I do is moisturize my face and neck. Not only does it feel great, it smells great too!
  • Take your makeup off every night.
    There is nothing quite like a broken out face to wreck your flawless makeup look. I am horrible at this, and sometimes I don’t do it if I’m too tired but it is a crucial element to facial heath. Ladies, lets treat our skin right! Don’t leave makeup on it overnight, let’s avoid waking up with racoon eyes thanks to our previously perfect eyeliner.

The problems I was having with my makeup was not having a clean surface to begin with. Having all of the gross dead skin and any leftover makeup did not help me look beautiful, in fact it did the opposite.


Ever wonder how celebrities do it? How they always look so flawless? Well just like us they don’t wake up looking perfectly glamorous, they have beauty tips! Just like the ones I just shared with you.

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  2. I learned that if you want to achieve straight hair, apply your products before you style your hair, when it is still damp.

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  5. I never would have guessed to put body wash straight on the skin to try and see if it would smell good on you, I have always just smelled right from the bottle. Good tip.

  6. I learned it’s best to straighten your hair when it’s still a bit wet. I’m not too sure how that would word, I think mine would end up frizzy that way, I’ll have to try it next time. Mine is just always dry when I go to do it.

  7. I learned that if you want to achieve straight hair, apply your products before you style your hair, when it is still damp.

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