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I have a doctors appointment coming up. It’s my annual check up which, in the past, I use to dread. But as I grow older I find these visits to be even more important than when I go for a specific ailment.

I have learned over time that wellness visits help prevent those visits for specific maladies.

So there are a few things that I do to get ready for my check-ups and I would like to share them with you.


Keep an aches and pains journal

I keep a small notepad in my bathroom that I can jot down any new or recurring conditions that I want to remember to share with my physician. In the past I have shown up for my appointment kicking myself because I can’t remember them all.

No matter how big or small, it is important to inform my doctor about any and all concerning changes in my body. The sum of which can be clues to your doctor about something that may be much bigger than the small parts.

Both physical and mental/emotional conditions go here. Don’t hold back. What may seem insignificant can be the key to better health. After a year you will be surprised at how many are on there.

Family medical History

If Mom and Dad or Uncle Whoever has had it, chances are you have a good chance of getting it too.

Alzheimer’s is one that scares me. It seems all the females of my family get some kind of dementia if not full blown Alzheimer’s. There are things that I can do now to help myself later.

So make a list of any genetic or common family ailments that your family shares and give it to the doctor.


An essential step that you should not skip is taking inventory of all the Medications you are currently taking. I also include medications I have taken in the past. Especially if they had extreme good or bad effects.

Include doses and the length of time the medicine was used. Both those can be a window into your health that the doctor can utilize.

Not to be Forgotten

There are a couple other things you don’t want to forget before you go to your appointment. Any allergies you have need to be mentioned. I usually write them down so I don’t forget.

Insurance provider card and details. This has halted more than one appointment for me. So keep your frustration level down and remember to bring them.

Contacts and other personal information is almost always asked for when you have to fill out any forms that the doctors office requires. Social security number, drivers license and emergency contact are the first few that come to mind. Keeping them handy will help you out a lot.

Be informed. Take a Google trip down ailment way. Do yourself a solid and research a bit on those aches and pains. Even better, find two or three good health care sites to peruse now and then that will keep you in the know about health. My absolute favorite is Molina Health Care. I find tons of helpful articles at this site. You will too.

It is so important to keep that yearly check-up appointment. It is the difference between health confidence and health wondering. I chose the former.

Take these tips to heart and your visit will be a much more productive and pleasurable experience.

It is important to me to say “I’m okay and you’re okay”. Doubly so for my family and friends. So share this with them and let’s try to live a long and healthy life!

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  1. It is also a great idea to make a list of doctors and phone numbers, allergies (foods and medications), and medications you take with dose and how often you take them (daily, twice daily, etc.) If you reduce it to small print you can keep it in your wallet so it is less likely to be left behind when you visit a doctor or hospital. As a hospital nurse this is one of the best things people bring with then in an emergency.

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