If you remember my post about ordering my husband’s Indochino custom suit, you’re going to love this! The suit came in, and the wedding stress has officially passed us by. With the time we (Bryan and I) have had to reflect on the Indochino experience, we have come to the conclusion that we couldn’t be more pleased.

The ordering experience was fun and exciting, but waiting for the suit to arrive caused some serious anxiety for Bryan. What guy isn’t going to be more excited than he has been his entire adult life when ordering a wedding suit? When it finally arrived, Bryan did what I can only describe as a giddy jump for joy. A well earned and respected jump for joy. +1 point for Indochino.

The first thing we did was inspect everything…I was in love with the rich purple color lining on the inside of the jacket, and Bry was smug with joy over his “Custom made for Bryan Say” monogram.

custom suit

I know for a fact Bryan will always proudly show off his suit, and the Indochino tag will serve as a constant reminder of where he got his first custom suit. Personally I think it should carry some bragging rights weight…

All I know is Bryan has already took to letting every single one of his male friends, cousins, and co-workers know about his Indochino experience.

custom suit

There were a bunch of things I was impressed with. The suit looked amazing from the outside, but the inside of the jacket was just as beautiful. The details and obvious hard work put into the suit was very apparent. I didn’t find any frays or loose edges, but I didn’t expect to find anything wrong…

The only thing Bryan noticed was the sleeves seemed a bit baggy, I think they look fine and normal though. Difference of opinion can go a long way! We have come to the conclusion that they seem bigger than expected because he lost weight after his initial measurements were taken. Something Bryan is looking forward to is getting his suit altered to fit once he reaches his goal weight, it is an exciting thing to look forward to!

custom suit

Bryan had a lot of good things to say: to him, the suit felt sturdy and well put together and the fabrics used were comfortable and nice to wear for hours at a time. No man wants a suit that they are uncomfortable in.

The deep grey color was stunning, it is sharp and crisp. In my eyes, it is very slimming!


I loved the way Bryan looked in the wedding, all the guys looked great but there is a special place for how great I thought Bryan looked! Bryan wants me to give a word of caution to the men (and wives/mothers of these men) to be extremely careful when taking the measurements for a custom suit. It never hurts to double or triple check they are accurate. Accurate measurements are essential to a great fitting suit!

custom suit
I blame the jacket not laying right on Emma 😉

Bryan said he would definitely order another suit from Indochino, and I would be more than happy to do it for him! One day I hope Bryan has a whole collection of suits, every single one of them custom made for him. The best thing about mens custom suits is they never go out of style, that is why they are such a great investment for every man.

I received a custom suit from Indochino to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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