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I’m one of those people who believe it isn’t officially summer yet until we’ve incorporated some Lipton® Tea (Save 20% with Target’s Cartwheel) into every meal. Or snack time. Or for no reason at all, because it’s just really really good.

It might be partly because of how I was raised, with iced tea prepared and ready to drink no matter when or where we were. It’s something I would love to pass on to my children, a tradition of sorts.

Something funny I noticed when looking back on all of these good times is my family always used Lipton® Tea, which brings a smile to my face now that I’m an adult.

It’s made with real tea leaves with 0 calories, something that is so surprising given how delicious of a beverage it is. In my experience, iced tea literally fits any situation.

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There’s something to be said about the endless ways we can prepare tea–from berries to lemon our options seem endless.

This also gives us the option to be truly creative when pairing with our meals.No matter what I’m making for dinner I normally have some idea of what kind of tea I’m going to make, sometimes it’s just plain tea because nothing beats that crisp refreshing feeling it gives. A summer must-have.

Just talking about it makes me so thankful that summer is here again, and that isn’t something you’ll hear me say often.

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What is your favorite kind of tea?

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